Do you have minimal technical skills and knowledge about creating digital products, or how about selling them online for profit? 

Well you've come to the right place. What you are about to discover are powerful  proven "Digital Product Creation Techniques" that I have personally used to create ebooks and to sell them online for profit and did I mention it was all absolutely free!

Now if you learn the skills to create your own digital products, than you can really put yourself in a position to help anyone seeking information on whatever subject your writing about, while also creating an extra income. 

You see ebooks are the number one type of digital selling products online, and by far one of the easiest ways to produce a full-time income. Not only are they very accessible but they are extremely easy to assemble and you can create an ebook about practically everything and gain an audience.
So How Do You Actually Create An Ebook if you've never really created one before? Well Let's Find Out.

Create An Ebook – What Tools Will I Need to Create an Ebook:

First I must tell you that ebooks are one of the most effective ways to build an email list also known as list building. Now you don't need a 100+ page or even 50+ page ebook in order for it to be considered valuable. It can be as little as 7 to 10 pages long. These are considered Quick Reports that you can either give away or sell for a profit on a website or a blog. 

When creating my own ebooks, I always use a free text editor software like Microsoft Word or Open Office. Open Office is a text editing software that is similar to Microsoft Office and it has all the functions of Microsoft Office but the only difference is that Open Office is FREE.  
So by using Open Office I have everything needed to create and design my ebook. I type in all the information into the Open Office Word program and then I save it as a PDF file on my hard-drive. I can also upload my cover page, and create a clickable table of contents. This will allow my readers to click on the title in the table of contents and then be taken straight to that page without having to scroll. So in my opinion Open Office is a great program to use to create your ebook. 
Now that you have your easy to use text editing software, let me tell you about Zinepal. This site allows you to literally paste a URL from any of your blog post, hit submit and then turn that particular post into a Mini-Ebook.  This by far is one of the coolest things I have ever seen online in all of my product creation years and you can also go on their site and register and their services are FREE

Create an Ebook – How to Choose Your Topic:

I'm sure your next question is, "What do I write about?" ~ Well have you ever given advice? Have you ever given someone step by step instructions on how to do something? Well what is an ebook? It is a quick solution to someone's problem. So you've already written several ebooks without even knowing it. People are always on the internet looking for solutions to their specific problems. "Ebooks Help People Solve Problems…That's it, That's all of it!" 
So all you need to do is research the internet to find a problem. Then when you are clear on the problem you want to solve, give your advice on it in a step-by-step how-to guide. You've now created your first official ebook that you can market and sell online to those that you've researched. 
So for instance, if you've researched that 200 people had a problem and you market a solution to those people, approximately 50 of them may download your ebook, and those names and email addresses will go on your list. These are called leads. Leads are people who want to learn what you are teaching and if your selling it for a profit you've probably just made yourself a nice paycheck. So since you've guided them step-by step on how to solve this problem, surely they'll turn to you for other problems they may have. 
Example Screenshot of a Question in a Forum That Was Viewed 463 times by people needing help on starting something
Create an Ebook
So there it is, you don't need to be some marketing guru. The internet has over 500 billion people searching online at any given moment. In the above example there were 400 people searching for the best way to start a scrapbook.  So if you have any knowledge on how to do this, than you could offer your solution to  over 400+ people in just this forum alone. Imagine how many other forums people are in looking for someone to solve that same problem. The possibilities are endless and all you did was offer your advice as a solution to someone's problem. 

Creating an Ebook – Steps To Take

So you compile your skills or special talents into an an ebook and sell this step-by-step guide to anyone who needs your help. Then write an article like the one your reading, explaining to your audience that you have an ebook that will solve their problem. Again people with these specific problems will find your ebook online through your article. So there you have it, in the few days that it may have taken you to create your ebook, you've now put it on your website for sale where you keep all of your profit instead of an affiliate product where you only get a portion.
If you are running any type of online business or looking to start an online business I suggest that you look at this idea of creating an ebook and incorporate them into your marketing campaigns. I assure you that you're really missing out. 
~ Quick Fact~ Over 547 billion dollars worth of information was sold in 2011 alone on the internet~
Creating an Ebook – The 7 Things You Must Do: 
  • Get a Text Editing Program That Creates PDF Files
  • Find a Problem Then Write a Good Solution
  • Get Your Ebook Cover Image Designed
  • Get a Domain name or a Free Site to Sell your Ebook On
  • Get a Digital Storage and Delivery Company That Delivers Your Ebook 24/7 to Your Readers
  • Get a Pay Pal Account Setup
  • Get The Step-By-Step Guide

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