Hello friend welcome back. In this post I will break down the misconceptions the poor and middle class have about the rich in most cases. I will take you out of  the old way of thinking we've all been accustomed to. I will guarantee that by the time you finish reading this article, not only will you understand why it's really OK to be rich, but you will have also learned a few key skills you'll need in order to get there.

Misconceptions? Why Whatever Do You Mean:

OK first lets get all of the boring stuff out of the way. I know we've all heard this a thousand times so I'm not going to beat you down about it, but I have to cover it in order for you to get a good understanding of this entire process. We've all been taught to go to school, graduate college and get a good job or start a career right. Now, maybe 20 or 30 years ago this way of thinking was the american dream, the way of life, or even the security that we needed in order to live a good and healthy life. To retire with the confidence in knowing that your retirement plan will take care of us financially until we are no longer here, right . Well Like I said that used to be the correct way of doing things. Now with the economy steadily decreasing and school being so expensive right now, we are really doomed to fail before we ever get started.

So I was watching  a special on CNN yesterday at my Grand mom's house  and they were talking about if it's still a good idea or a wise investment for our youth's to go to college, pay the expensive tuitions and get a degree with the hopes of landing a good job. Wow the news is even questioning the reality of the american dream. What does that mean for us? So I asked my Dad, I said "Dad why do you think everyone isn't rich"? he said you know what son, I think people are scared to be rich or even the responsibility that comes with it. Wow, People are really Scared To Be Rich. So Let me ask you my Friend, are you scared to be rich? If you are not sure then I suggest you read the rest of this article and once you are done ask yourself that same question again. "Am I Scared To Be Rich"?

Rich People Are Lucky, If I was Lucky I Would Be Rich Too:

I really admire the poor or the middle class, I admire this group of people for one simple reason. That no matter what struggles they may encounter, no matter how long they may live unhappy  for getting paid far less than they are worth, yet still they take this adversity and work hard. See this group of individuals wake up each and every day fighting. They are fighting for the strength to keep that job, fighting for the strength to continue to go to work, knowing that by the end of the week they will still be unsatisfied with the amount of pay they receive. The poor and the middle class work really hard, every day, every day, every day. They continue to work, they continue to get up at the crack of dawn, they continue to go out to that one and only thing they can not stand but it's paying my bills and keeping food on the table. That thing that we call a JOB. Keep fighting guy's because their truly is a better way.

So with all of this going on and as life is knocking you around, and life is beating you like a rug hanging on your grand mom's porch, you think to yourself man if I was lucky I would be rich. If I was lucky I wouldn't have to live like this, and If I just had that special something to drop into my life and make all of the struggle and pain go away I would be alright. We as human beings all make decisions for the same reason in life, To avoid pain and discover pleasure. The poor and the Middle Class work really hard, So why aren't I rich WHY NOT ME is the question they ask themselves.

I Was Poor, I Was In Pain, I Made a Decision and Did Something Else:

This way of thinking is why the rich are rich, so lets dive into what happens in their world of thought. So jumping right into it, what I've seen is  that the Rich, The Poor and the Middle Class, we all have one very important trait in common, but we use it differently, we all work hard. The ultimate difference is that The Rich become Rich because they made the decision to not only work hard, but they work hard toward something that they will own. They work hard toward something that grows at an exponential rate, giving  them the hope of one day becoming Financially Free. Many People that's in the world we live in today have the same common mindset. This frame of mind or way of thinking could be your best friend, or could be your worst enemy.  So what happens is this, we pick up many of the habits of the people around us. We are truly products of our own environment. If you want to grow into anything differently, than you'll have to align yourself with the people who are always growing, surround yourself with the people that has the drive to challenge themselves and won't let anything stand in their way, of becoming better.

Rich people don't make excuses for their existence or for not succeeding because, if you take the time to learn anything about becoming wealthy you will find that with Great Wealth also comes Great Failure. I learned the other day that when Babe Ruth Broke the World Record for Most Home-runs in a Single Season, He also Broke the World Record for the Most Strikeouts in a single season as well. The very first thing you'll need to accomplish on your journey to become Rich is this. First you'll have to make a decision, a decision that no matter what happens I will succeed. Now I know this is the easiest thing to say, but in all reality it's the hardest thing to accomplish. In order to create what you want, you have to know what you want to become. When you understand who it is that you want to become, then go out,  find the greatest person living the lifestyle you want and mimic their success, mimic their mindset, their habits. Learn everything there is to learn and then put  a plan into action.

I Am Wealthy What Did I do Differently:

The first thing that I have done to get to this point in my life, I let go of my past. I did not let the failures and the bad decisions of my past shape my future, and I understood that I was the only one who had the power to change my personal history. My Friend this will be the most important decision you can make. The Rich take a goal and they put a plan of action behind that goal. They then say to themselves, on my journey to reach this goal, I will not let anything distract me from my bottom line. See the problem with most people is that we all start down this tunnel of success with a great idea and a great strategy. Then we start pushing and we start pushing, through all the negativity, through all the statements people are making about how it won't work, and how were just wasting time and money we continue to push. Next thing we know, we suddenly look up and its been three months, six months maybe a year even, and we have had little to no success.
This is the point were the rich excels and everyone else fails, because unsuccessful people will try to justify their failures look for a reason to give up and then quit. Go back to doing whatever it was they were doing and go back to that comfortable way of living. The Rich people or the Successful people do just the opposite because they love being so far outside if their comfort zone it starts to hurt. They realize and understand that at this point where as though they have put all of this time and energy into something that hasn't produced much of anything, they look at what they have accomplished so far on this journey to success and make another decision. They realized that they now possess far more knowledge than they've ever had on creating wealth. They realize they have become a better person and they no longer have those bad unsuccessful habits. They realize that no matter what another person says, no matter how hard things may seem, and no matter how frustrated they are for making huge sacrifices. They say they are going to succeed no matter what it takes because if the person I have been learning from for all this time if they can do it, than so can I. Point Blank Period!!
So Are You Scared To Be Rich:

Don't be, becoming successful is not easy, it takes hard work, it takes discipline and it takes sacrifices that none of us want to make. In order to get to a place you have never been before. You have to go to a place you have never gone before and it all starts with your mentality or your mindset, your way of thinking if you will. The Rich folks are only Rich because they work hard at the right things. They don't give up and will never stop in the middle of the tunnel no matter how long it is. Step way outside your comfort zone my friend and make the decision that no matter what happens I CAN BE RICH TOO!!!

"Remember Everything in Existence Began With A Thought"
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