What is The attraction marketing Blueprint for personal Attraction? Well before we answer this question it’s very important that you understand this very basic concept. People will not join your business because of your company or your product PERIOD! People will join you because of you. Well here is a statistic that most of you may or may not know 97% of the people in our industry never achieve a full-time income level. WOW, So are you sure you want to duplicate them and their success, what their doing, of course you don’t so get over the whole concept of Prospecting in your MLM company and the old tactics.


Understanding this single concept was a life changing epiphany for me, and I am 100% sure it will be for you as well. Imagine this with me if you will. When you first started your Job, Career, School, or whatever you were doing, you were nervous right. You didn’t want to mess up, you wanted whatever you were doing to be perfect right. Now get this, after you have been doing whatever it is you were doing for quite some time, what happens, you get good at it. So good in fact you can practically do it in your sleep. So this is basically how personal attraction will work for you. Its going to really take you outside your comfort zone, really challenge you to become better, become more valuable or of more value to those around you. People will begin to flock to you like seagulls to some bread being thrown in central park. You will be the Leader of your very own world and it feels great.


So Like I say Once you understand this concept, no matter what business your in, when you master¬†Personal Attraction Marketing, you’ll have 5, 20, maybe 100, people calling you, emailing you, wanting what you have. Like one of my mentors and partners would say “YOU CAN PURSUE, OR YOU CAN BE THE PURSUED”. Now let’s have that ponder in for a while… Know this, Attraction is not a choice, it’s an instinct, an instinct that evolved which is probably never understood consciously, which is why people are not really aware of it until actually studied. I’m not sure if you are aware of this, but we as people thrive on social groups. Look how websites like Facebook have grown to the 2nd Largest social networking site on the Internet in such a short period of time. Think of this if you will, Lets say we put about 10 people in a room and tell them that the only way they can leave the room is if they solve this puzzle. Naturally one of those individuals will emerge as the leader of the group, will try to take charge, and if they are logically making sense, naturally others will have a taken to them and start to follow their lead.


We have been hard-wired to find other people attractive, or even unattractive, based on the value of means they present to us. If we look at celebrities, the world have stereotyped these individuals as some of the most attractive individuals in the world, due to their fame status, and what they have acquired or have achieved. They have reached a level of leadership “if you will” that no matter what they put out, people will go get it, immediately. It’s like an addiction, it is INSANE when this concept of Attraction Marketing is put to action. So this is definitely the approach that you must have in order to achieve the success you are seeking.


So I guess your next question will be. “How do I become attractive in my own business”? “How do I put this concept to use”?

Well that leads us into our next Lesson were we will discuss how to “Master Personal Attraction in your ¬†MLM business”.

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