Hello All, thanks for stopping by my Blog. Now just sit back and relax, because we are going to be discussing how to maximize results in your MLM business no matter what your doing.


Just to give you a little background about my self I come from corporate america, I worked in telesales almost my entire career, I was on the phone upselling products to existing customers, I always worked salary + commission jobs and I can honestly say I consistently made a lot of money working in Corporate america. I did enjoy what I was doing but honestly what made me not want to work anymore was the fact that I had to consistently get out of bed 6:00 in the morning making someone else rich.


So I figured If I have to get up at 6 anyway due to the fact that the kids go to school and Daycare why am I putting 100 % of my effort in to something that can get taken away from me at the drop of a Dime.


So I felt that there was no future in that especially for my Family.


I Did something quickly I went into a Frenzy a Saving Frenzy Saved for 6months because I was going to buy a business something as long as it was mine. So now it was time I started my 1st Network Marketing Company and by the way I have only been in Two Network Marketing company my entire life, now I have tried wholesaling real estate but I just didn’t like waiting 4 to 5 months to see some income. I tried all types of businesses and guess what!! 5yrs Later Still Nothing Nada Im still at the same job doing the same thing producing the same results. Insanity. I was pulling my hair out it was crazy. So What do I do next and we all been in that sitution Like what can we possibly do now!.


So I go online Google baby! It has the answer to any question in the world, any thing you can possibly imagine Google can answer it. So what I found was that 99% of network marketers was in the same position that I was. It was my lot in life to study the 3% who was achieving success. And what I found was very different. The Top Leaders in the Network Marketing Industry Uses a system that brands themselves as a leader, and I have that now with MyLeadStystemPro.


See What we are taught to do by our uplines, we are taught to prospect. The Top Producers are marketing. Let me explain the difference Prospecting is the 3ft rule, making a list, talking to any and everyone about your business hoping to make a sale right.


Now Marketing This is the #1 Essential Skill you must learn in order to grow your business, Marketing Is Putting a unique customer with a unique product. Imma say it again, Putting a unique customer with a unique product. Once you master the concept of this idea you will be blown away by the results. We must Learn to Market And I will Teach you that, Not only am I going to teach you that I will teach you for free. So get ready to Dive into my world. I consider myself to be a stand up guy, and my entire point in having this page is so I can be one of the very few to teach network marketers how to succeed and Lay down their blueprint to success. Your going to learn a lot in the upcoming weeks so be prepared for some headaches. Were going to dive into forms of marketing you have never heard of, and you will finally start seeing the results your looking for in your network marketing company ok.


I understand what your going through trust me I was there it is not hard if you know what you are doing, Now don’t mistake difficult, for work effort. Yes you must have a good work effort in order to see results period. And Im going to leave you with this. Its the little things done consistently over time that yields the greatest results.


Thanks for taking the time to view and remember everything in this world began with a thought see you on the inside!!!

My Lead System Pro

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