How to Get Rich Be Happy and Stay in Good Health

When I awoke this morning I sat up on the side of the bed, I looked to the sky and I asked a question. I said why is it that we all ask for things and some gets those things but the mass majority of us do not? Now after I asked my question, I immediately went into my motivational room to pull out some material so I could read or watch. 

Then Something Happened, My Question Was Answered:

In order for us as human beings to receive the things that we ask of the universe, first we have to position ourselves to become a better recipient to receive those things. What I do know is that we will never receive anything If we do not have the right mentality to handle it. If we make ourselves aware of this than we will have the power to attract anything that our heart desires. 

Watch the video by Tony Robbins Below and then share this with someone who you feel could use it more than ever. 


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