How do you get rich in this economy today, well the same way you got rich in the economy yesterday. It's SIMPLE but NOT EASY. So This is the reason why everyone isn't rich, simply because it's a simple concept to follow but not easy to execute. Let me explain this in the most simplified manner I can think of which will make the process easy to understand and implement. 

If you look at today's society and out of the millions and millions of people on earth, you pick a millionaire and you'll see the same pattern. You will see SIMPLE but definitely NOT EASY, so let's break this concept down so we can gain a better awareness of the process. Take Donald Trump For Instance, he has made billions of dollars playing in the Real Estate markets. The concept he conquered in order to make this type of money was simple, he bought low and sold high. So If your thinking of getting into Real Estate, one would tell you the concept is simple, you buy low and you sell high. What is not disclosed is the "Not So Easy Part" which is, Learning the Real Estate Market Values, Learning the Real Estate Terminology, Learning about mortgages, and Subject- To Leases, and Foreclosures, and Rental Properties. Basically, he had to spend countless of hours learning the Real Estate Industry, so he may become an expert of his trade. The "Not So Easy" Part is the discipline and the determination, coupled with a really strong desire and drive to succeed. This mindset gave Mr. Trump the foresight to learn from the pain of failure and propel himself toward success. 

Now In our next example we will use a very popular internet Phenomenon who goes by the name Mark Zuckelberg. Many of you may be very familiar with this person from his popular hit movie "The Social Network". As for those who are not, well he only created the third largest country in the world, yes my friend this is the Inventor of Facebook. Now as for Mark's success, he had to tackle an entirely new beast in order to make his Billions and Billions of dollars. So let us break down his SIMPLE but NOT EASY concept. Mr Zuckelberg invented Facebook a website that allows people to share information back and fourth with the world around them and everyone they know in it. Simple right, sure the concept is simple but let us engage ourselves in the not so easy part. This Harvard Graduate had to dedicate all of his knowledge all of his time all of his focus in learning how to write code, this guy was practically a Genius when it came to writing code and putting up a website from scratch. That in itself was impressive might I add. So as you can imagine, It had to take Mark time to accomplish this task. It took Mark dedication, he had to use all of his wits in order to create and craft a social media website like Facebook without looking like all the other big guys out their such as Myspace and Friendster etc. Mark had to have patience and dedication in order to expand it Globally without killing it or making a wrong decision before it really started to take off. Now once the dust settled and he realized he had another internet Giant on his hands he could finally take a breather, relax and enjoy his creation. 

Now I can go on and on with examples of SIMPLE but NOT EASY, but what's my point. Becoming Rich is a fairly simple concept, but the process is not easy. We all have the intelligence to become a millionaire, the reason I say that is because we all use the same 10% of our brain as Imperfect humans. Now yet and still, only a mere 3% of the billions of people in America has the discipline to follow through, has the determination to succeed and no that failures are just part of the growing process. See my friend we are so use to people taking us by the hand and spoon feeding as if we were still children, that we have been handicapped since birth. Now if you don't break that cycle my friend, I hate to be the bearer of bad news but bottom line, yup, your going to be broke. 

So How do we Become Rich:

Well First off I know it's a lot of distractions out there in the world of the internet on television infomercials and everything in between. Every one trying to pitch you that next best idea that will guarantee your success. Everyone trying to sell you this and sell you that and a whole lot of fluff. You Simply become rich by, and write this down, say it aloud whatever you do just pay attention. You become rich by taking your passions taking your ideas, what you love, what you sleep eat and breathe whatever that may be don't discriminate here, but you take those passions and you package and offer them as a solution to other's peoples problems. Think about that for awhile, but when you take the time and find your passion what it is you love that is when the fun stuff begins…

What's The Fun Stuff:

Well The Fun stuff is the Market Research, yes remember all those distractions of the people trying to sell you their ideas, all the fluff that we were speaking of. Well in all that fluff you'll be surprised to know that there is a mentor waiting to coach you, waiting you show you what they know in order for you to gain the concepts to simplify that NOT SO EASY part. The only catch is that you must have an eye out for opportunity, and the only way to do that is by learning what your passions are, and by becoming an advocate student of your trade. You have to learn in your niche who are the Guru's and when you figure out who the real players are study them. By Studying the ones who are already successful, this will allow you to increase your knowledge base increase the value that you have to offer others. When you do this and do it well, let me be the first one to tell you friend you will literally be able to PRINT MONEY when ever you like. 

Now it would be unfair to you for me to tell you that you can do this without explaining how it's actually accomplished using our Simple but Not So Easy Scenario. so if you want to learn these amazing techniques CLICK HERE for part two of this article as your going to be in for a ride. 

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