Welcome back to part 2 of my article entitled: Stop Crying and Get Rich: Simple But Not Easy. If you have not read Part 1 of this 2 part article I strongly suggest you go back and read it by Clicking Here because we are going to get into some concepts on making that happen and I don't want to confuse anyone. Now for those of you who have read part 1 lets get started but first I want to thank you for the currency your spending with me today which happens to be your attention. 

The Simple Part:

The first thing you have to do after studying your trade or your craft and finding a niche that you are very passionate about, is to take those talents and craft them into a product that you can give away for free. Remember it has to be something very different and unique and it has to be something that you just can't look-up on Google or find in a Youtube video. It has to be something you created that's geared to reduce a person's pain and move them toward pleasure, it must be a product that will teach a person how to do something that will help them improve their business or their life. This product can be a Video Series, an E-book, an MP3 audio anything you want, but the most important thing is that it absolutely must be valuable. 

Now once you have this product created, the next thing you want to do is create a video promoting your product, but make sure you promote directly into the niche market that the product is created for or this concept will not be as effective. When you create your video, you can actually place that video on a lead capture page or a page that captures the name and email addresses of interested prospects and in return you'll give them that free training video or e-book that you created. This concept alone will allow you to start pulling in names and building that list you hear every successful internet marketer talking about. 

Meanwhile why you are collecting all these names of people that is interested in your free product, and while you are continuing to offer that list more and more valuable information either through your blog or social media websites, you will be actually starting to brand yourself as a leader in whatever niche you have decided to become a part of. People will start to look at you for the answers that they spend so many countless hours researching, but found those answers through your teachings and articles and training materials. You will become attractive in your own niche market or as Mike Dillard would put it, you will become the Hunted instead of the Hunter. 

The Not Easy Part:

As you can see it is a lot of things that you definitely need to have in place in order to make the "Simple" a reality in the world of your niche, but you must understand my friend that first it starts with you. When I say you I mean your dedication, your motivation, your determination to make it work. You must have a fire inside of you burning with a dying desire to succeed. If you don't have the will power or the motivation to see the process through to success, than to be quite frank with you my friend, simply click on the RED X at the top of your browser, shut down your computer and go back to work at your normal J.O.B. When I tell you that this concept when done correctly can make you a six or seven figure income earner in one year or less, then you definitely should not take it lite. This process is not for the Faint at Heart and the best part is that it will be built around your passions and what you absolutely love doing. 

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