Making money online for free, is it a reality or is it a myth is the question that everyone has been asking. In This Article we will definitely tackle the answer to that question, but most importantly, I am going to show you exactly how I make real money online using techniques and strategy's many experts may call secrets or some other fancy word. Before we get into all of the details lets get some of the myths out of the way and yes, there will be some online Gurus angry with me for this one.

The Very First Myth that comes to my mind is simply this, "You can become Filthy Rich Online with Little to No Effort, Just Let My System Do all the Work For You". Sound familiar yes, I have heardthis one over a million times on the internet, and this is the one reason why people really don't believe money can be made online. So Let's clarify this myth, yes you can make money online with a system, and yes you can become really really wealthy using that system to generate the cash. The myth is wrong because not only will it take a good amount of work on your part before you get into profit mode, but you will also have to go through a deep learning curve of learning some Key New Skills. Now don't let that statement scare you, you can learn these skills in less than a week, it will just take a little time to perfect them, but when you learn them and have them perfected, you will be able to create cash out of thin air, you will be the envied amongst all of  your peers my friend.

The very next myth that comes to my mind is this, "Let me show you my one little SECRET that will give you financial freedom". There is NO SECRET to financial freedom, every single person on the planet has the ability to become financially free, you just have to know that it will take consistent work effort on your part in order to get there. See Making money online is simply a business, that's all it is, its a business. For instance the same way you would go to a JOB or a place of work well, making money online is really that simple also.  So say for instance, when you get a job you go to that job every single day, every single day, every single day, eventually you have worked long enough and hard enough that now you are able to retire. Well making money online is just the same way, you wake up everyday, you sit at your computer and you implement techniques that generates cash. The key is doing this consistently, doing this consistently and doing this consistently, then after a while, you will have worked long enough and hard enough to hit financial freedom. The major difference is this, by using the internet and being consistent you will do this in less than a year or so versus waiting 40yrs of your life.

The next myth that comes to my mind, "This is so Easy Anyone Can Do This". Alright, yes anyone can do it, and yes it is easy, but it's not easy At First, you have to perfect your new skills and once the learning curve is over and you become systematic it will be very easy to generate income online. Another myth is this "FREE" term that is thrown around like some sort of new air particle specifically used by humans. What did you mother always used to tell you, you can't get something for nothing you know. So Lets tackle this myth. If you had all of the knowledge automatically embedded in your brain like Keaunu Reeves from The Matrix, on what it takes to make money online free, yes you definitely would be able to create an income at no charge at all. So what are you actually paying for, well first you pay to be educated and second you pay for a system that works. The System can be very expensive if you want to set everything up yourself, your looking at roughly $500,000. Now who has $500,000 dollars laying around. So if your smart like all the other Guru's online, your going to pay a very little monthly fee and plug into someone else's system that is already in place. Of course I will explain to you how to find the right system to get plugged into, you didn't have to ask me that one my friend. (smiling)

Now those are the most important myths that I can think of that actually tackles your emotions and play with your minds. So how do you make money online and what are these secret strategies and skills you are speaking of. Well the first and most important skill of all is learning how to market online effectively. See where most people get this wrong is that they believe that they can do the same thing they do offline and bring them online and turn a profit. Well let me be the first one to tell you my friend, offline strategies will not work online to the point you'll get rich, Period. The skills that you learn online are simply this, and we will talk about each one separately, but here is the list. Keyword research, and all this means, its the terms people use to find you online. So you have to learn this skill in order to put yourself in front of a lot of people. Next you have S E O  marketing which is short for Search Engine Optimization. All that means is that you will have the ability to get on the first page of Google where over 5 BILLION people look daily for different information. If you can Rank On The First Page of Google can you imagine how many people will see your products, or your actual content WOW that will be serious! The next skill is Copy-writing, in my opinion this is one of the best skills you can learn, it is the ability to get people to take action by just having them read something you've written. The next skill you must learn I believe, and this might not really be a skill, but you must learn that with your online career it will take some serious discipline, because if your making money online it's really easy to go back to being lazy and not working as hard. If you do this you will see your income dwindle down and you'll be right back where you started square one.

So let me put this into perspective for you so you can understand the power of what I just gave you. You have a product, you create an Sales page with some excellent Ad Copy on it from your Copy writing skill, you do some keyword research and with your new found knowledge of S E O or Search Engine Optimization you get this sales page to rank at the top of the Google search results, BILLIONS of people see your letter and because you know how to get folks to take action, deposits are being made every single hour of every single day into your bank account. Can you say 'Happy Wife". Now that my friend is the power I'm talking of that would make you the Envy of your town. People would definitely want to know who is this guy that never leaves the house, but has everything he ever wanted in life! Now hold on a minute, I know what your thinking, I don't have a product to sell, let alone a website to sell it on. Which leads me into the next "So Called Secret" I must tell you about, because yes my friend we are laying it all down on the line here , I'm giving you all the marbles so stay with me on this one. Remember the statement I made about leave offline offline and keep online online, well the same goes for the products you sell. Offline you would sell Physical material things or physical products, but online, being as though it has a little term we are all familiar with "The Internet, The World of Information". What better product to sell online than informational products. This is where you take someone's problem and show them a solution using one of your informational products for a minimal fee of course. How many people you know that is PROBLEM FREE!!

The term that is most uses by some of the more advanced internet marketers are Affiliate Programs, Now all an affiliate program is, it's some sort of informational product that teaches a person something in the form of information. It could be an E-book, a video course, a training boot-camp etc. The ideas are limitless. So with all of this information, and all of these skills and techniques you'll need to learn your probably thinking my goodness, this is going to take me forever to get all this down so I can put it to action. Well that leads me into the system, which ever system you choose it should be at a reasonable cost, it should have all of these components factored right into it, it should not cost you an Arm, a leg and one of your children. And it should be proven, which means its tested, proven and people are already having GREAT success using it. The System I use is called My Lead System Pro. It entails everything we have talked about up to this point, it has all the video training in the back office already put in place to teach you all about keyword research, creating websites, SEO marketing strategies, over 26 Affilliate programs already set up waiting for you to profit from. In fact, this very article and this very website your reading I learned to do this in less than a week using My Lead System Pro.

The only thing left to do now my friend is take action, I put it all down on the line for you here, oh and one more thing your going to be blown away by how inexpensive it is to get set up and up and running. The one thing that stops us for pursuing our dreams is FEAR, Fear of Failure or Sometimes Even Fear of Success. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing expecting different results, TAKE ACTION NOW!!!

So click the link at the bottom of this post and I will give you my Free DVD, explaining everything in more detail, and I will see you on the inside but remember, "Everything in Existence Began With a Thought"!

This is your Internet marketer and Business Success Coach Lawrence Wheeler and Until next time, Stay consistent my Friends…


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