Hello everyone welcome back this is Lawrence Wheeler your Internet Marketer and Business Success Coach, and as you can see in the title of this article this is the second part of "Understanding How To Recruit". So as I promised in the First Article  I will be getting into some key points so you can start adding distributors to your team immediately and stop struggling. Now what I will be covering in this article will be: How to do a successful Business Launch no matter where you are in your Network Marketing Career. I will also cover: How to simplify your recruiting process so that you can get your new reps started the right way. I will also have a  bonus towards the end for you to take advantage of, so lets get started.

I want to start off by clearing up one thing, some of you may or may not know, when it comes to recruiting. You have to remember that everything you do when it comes to adding a new Distributor to your team, subconsciously that prospect your walking through the process is thinking, this might be exactly what I'll have to do in order to bring people into the team. So if your process of recruiting is not simple or so easy that even a caveman can do it…lol… its time for you to redo your strategy. So the first thing I want to talk about today is how to do a successful Business Launch or Grand Opening as some might say. Whenever you do anything when it comes to business you must always remember to begin with the end in mind. So with that being said, well first let me talk about the Business Launch itself, because some of us may not know what this term mean. A Business Launch is similar to when a new store opens up in your area and they do what's called a Grand Opening. The store takes and puts out a lot of advertisements in that particular area. They may send for instance circulars out with the daily newspaper, or pay errand boys to pass out flyers, anyhow the objective is to get as many customers as possible to the store on the day it opens.

So with this in mind a Business Launch is similar to a Grand opening, so what you want to do is contact as many people as you can, to get them to your Business Launch event, which will expose them to your Organization's opportunity. So how is this done successfully, well what you want to start with first is the end in mind. So depending on the type of exposure you will be doing when it comes to recruiting, whether its an online presentation, it could be a telephone conference etc.. You want to pick a time and a date where you will have everyone show up to get exposed to the opportunity. With that being said using the techniques I talked about in Part 1 when dealing with your Circle Of Influences, when someone responds positively to your approach you want to have them commit to showing up to your event. If your not doing the presentation yourself, when you pick your date, you want to also contact one of the leaders on your team and see if they can do it for you. You can also use your teams weekly exposure seminar, and make sure its a live event, which can be online or offline but live is always better than recorded.

What I want to get into next regarding your Launch is a bunch of Don't Do's, or what not to do when preparing for your Business Launch. Now as we all know, there is a multitude of network marketers on these social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Youtube just to name a few, and what we don't want to do is look like everyone else. We want to stand out from all of the competition, all of the noise if you will. So do not and I repeat DO NOT go around posting on your status updates a link for your business launch telling any and everyone to get on and join. It's a couple of reasons you do not want to take this approach. The first reason is simple, when you contact your Circle of Influences and they commit to showing up, if they see you are posting a business opportunity just like everyone else is posting business opportunity's, this gives them a way to stereo type you and a way to think "Oh it's just another one of them money making things", and they won't show up. If you do this you are decreasing your chances of having a successful Business Launch dramatically, it just won't work like that.  Another thing you surely, definitely, positively do not want to do is explain the business to the prospect that want to know what it is before Launch Day. If your explaining anything at all about the opportunity before the prospect had the chance to see the entire business presentation, you will have just ruined any chances of that prospect Joining your team, because remember they will judge it, they will subconsciously think they have to explain things like you are doing and they will make their decision before they ever tell you and on Launch day guess what…. Exactly, that prospect won't be there.

So now that we know what a Business Launch consist of, lets get into simplifying your recruiting process. The most important thing you can keep in mind when it comes to recruiting is that you have to keep it super simple. You can not ask people to memorize long scripts, you can't ask people to do their own presentation, you can't ask them to just do things that will take them completely outside of their comfort zone. Remember we are marketing to the MASSES to get the FEW Leaders that will automatically get out of their comfort zone. If you market to enough people and have enough people join your organization, you will automatically come across Leaders that will explode right before your eyes. So don't try to make leaders, the leaders will come to you automatically. It's your job to recognize them.  Also USE TOOLS. The simplest thing you can do in your organization is to use all different types of tools and teach others to do the same. Tools like Audio Presentations, Video recorded calls, Sizzle CD's anything that you can give a person that will expose them to your business is a great tool to have. If you ask a person to do anymore than hand out a Cd or a DVD or send someone to a website, or if a person feel they have to explain a lot of information to get someone to join your asking for disaster. Keep it to where a spare time person can do it, a Full-time person can do it, you can't have tasks for your team that will take up 40 to 50 extra hours of their week. Remember if its easy to duplicate you will make more money than you've ever thought possible keeping it super simple.

So for instance realistically a person will not do 20 to 30 exposures a day. A good rule of thumb is 3 exposures a day which is a realistic goal for anyone no matter what type of time that person has. It also has to make sense to them a lot of sense. So if your explaining to your team that 3 exposures a day 7 times a week equals 21 exposures a week. When they recruit 5 Representatives that same 3 exposures times 5 people times 7 days a week equal 105 exposures every week. This sounds more realistic than 30 exposures a week right. Now if your team is only closing 1% of every 100 people watching presentations every week that is 10 people joining your team every week. Do the math guys, over the course of a year especially if your organization's compensation plan is any good you will definitely be making a Whopping Six Figures in a year or less. This is why I love network marketing there is no other business in the world where you can make so much money doing so little when done correctly. This is the key phrase in that last statement guys, WHEN DONE CORRECTLY.

So now that I have explained everything in full detail, as I promised when I started this article you can CLICK HERE for a bonus training my team and I put together.

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