Hello Everyone, This is Lawrence Wheeler your Internet Marketer and Business Success Coach. Now I know its been a while since I've written a blog post, but we must always try to remember that in order to continue to grow your income in this industry called Marketing, we must continue to put all of our time and effort into money producing activities. So with that being said lets get started.

Now I have a lot of network marketers, for the most part, all asking me the same question regarding their MLM Network Marketing company when it comes to recruiting. I call it the million dollar question. How do I recruit people into my business?How do I sponsor new reps, I am struggling sooooo bad. If you feel this is you, well to answer the question for you, you must know that before you can Recruit anyone into anything you have to understand how recruiting works first.

A good example I like to use regarding this subject matter is Karate vs Kung-Fu. So Lets start with Karate for instance, if you've ever taken a Karate class you'll notice that they'll teach you an insane amounts of kicks, punches, take downs etc etc etc… Karate is basically made up of striking techniques and take downs in the land of the Martial Arts. So How does this compare to the Network Marketer who's trying to recruit.

Well the Karate recruiters are all out there talking to any and everyone about their business. They type of recruiters are on social sites, they are out in the field, they are basically striking anyone that will listen and pitching their opportunity, and this is how most Network Marketers are taught to do things in the network marketing industry. I say that doing things this way will have you burned out fast and easy. It's no myth that everyone in the world would like to make more money than they currently already have. So when you approach anyone with those magic words, are you interested in making more money, or do you keep your options open in terms of making money outside of what you are doing. Nine times out of 10 a person will say yes, and the Karate Network Marketer will get super excited and go into his 100 million dollar pitch, throw the prospect into a three-way call and try to close them on the spot, which will lead to frustration not only for the network marketer, but also for the one he is pitching his business opportunity to. Now I'm not saying that there is anything wrong with this approach, all I'm saying is that there is a right way of doing things and a wrong way of doing things. So next we'll look at the Kung-fu recruiter.

Now Kung-Fu, This form of the martial arts is very dominant compared to Karate. See If you've ever took a Kung-Fu class, then you will notice the instructor is very much different than an Karate instructor. See your Kung-Fu instructor want you to understand why we use this kick instead of this punch, why this take down will be more effective than this particular take down. And most importantly Kung-Fu want you to master one's skill in all discipline including personal, mental, and spiritual development. So how does this pertain to MLM Network Marketing and recruiting. Well the first thing that we understand about all this, is that if we ask 100 people if they want to learn how to make more money, we know that 90 of them will say yes. Now does this mean we want to work with the entire 90 people, no, we can't, the reality is we can't work with everyone and everyone can't work with us.

So the First thing you must understand when it comes to recruiting successfully is understanding your circle of influences. Now who are your circle of influences, I like to split this up into 3 groups to make it easy to understand:

  1. Family and Friends– This group is the most important group you can ever have, the reason I say that is because these are the ones that trust you, know you and love you. But realistically this group of people won't join you in business until they see you are having some type of success, and even still will be kind of skeptical. Sad I know, so what are they good for, they will help you with anything, because they love you. if you ask them to help you out. They normally will say, "yes, what you need me to do for ya". Ask them say "listen I just started a new business I need you to view my presentation and then ask me some really really tough questions on it and give me some critical feedback cause I trust your judgement". So not only are you getting multiple people to view your presentation you are getting a lot of practice in so when it's time for you to talk to your other markets you will be well equipped to handle many objections. Which leads us into the second group of people:
  2. Business Markets- Now your business market or your business contacts are going to be the ones to most likely take a serious look at what you have to offer. These are the folks you've met that you have done some type of business with. It could be your Realtor, it could be your insurance sales agent, it could even be the person who sold you your car etc. etc. etc. you get the point. But how do you approach these types of people. Well for example you'll say "Hey Mike are you busy right now", Mike says " No what do you have for me". You'll say, "well mike because I have business proposition for you and a handful of people who I think are brightest people in town. Were meeting down at Starbucks and if you really keep your options open in terms of making some extra money I'd like you to be there". Now this approach only work with your business contacts that know who you are which means you've did some type of positive business with them. They will want to know more and they will show up to whatever means you use to present your opportunity. Which leads me into my third group of people…
  3. Sphere of Associations– Now this is the tough group out of all the groups, the reason its tough is because these are the people that really don't know you personally or have a trust for you when it comes to making business decisions. They can also be mistaken for your warm market or at least ones who you think is your warm market. For instance like the friends you add randomly to your face-book who may be a friend of a friend. If you use the first two approaches with these people, they will say they'll show up and won't really show up. So how do we approach these people. Connect with them ask them some questions to find out who's approachable and who's not approachable. Tell them you've known them for a while, you know you all haven't been keeping in contact but right now your looking for some really sharp people to work with and if they keep their options open. What you wanna do from here is do a Business Opportunity Launch. This Launch is when you get a group of people all in one place to look at your business presentation. It can be online or offline. What happens is this the ones that are interested will show the ones who's not won't show. It doesn't matter as long as your getting exposure.

Now these are the three main groups of people you'll be approaching in your MLM Network Marketing, and when done correctly you will start to have more fun and more success and stop waisting so much energy and time on people that's not interested. I know this post was pretty lengthy guys, but I hope you've learned something and gained some value. I have a Part-2 that I will be typing up as soon as I'm finished this one because I want to teach you guys how to do a launch and how to focus on getting at least 5 – 10 people looking at your business opportunity a day so you can start sponsoring and making some money. We have to simplify when it comes to recruiting or you will definitely fail and I am going to show you exactly how to do that in Part-2 ok.

So here is what I want you do in the mean time CLICK HERE and get yourself plugged in to all the resources I use That makes me successful. And if not for any other reason Guys I want you to learn something Different. Thanks for listening and If you've gained any type of Value from this post Please Please Please show some love and share this article ok, so until next time This is Lawrence Wheeler your Internet Marketing and success coach and…

"Remember Everything In Existence Began With A Thought"

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