Affiliate Marketing Make MoneyLearning to set up an Affiliate Marketing Make Money campaign is probably one of the most complicated but yet simplest skills to learn online if you are taught the proper techniques. I am revealing today exactly how to go from a complete beginner to an expert affiliate marketer. In each piece of information we read about affiliate marketing on the internet I can tell you that one of the most important details is always left out and that is how to target the correct buyer long tailed keywords, and also how to get massive traffic to your affiliate sites. It took me four years of research and many many failures with thousands of dollars spent in order to actually crack this secret society code. 

I am revealing this today because I am tired of all of the so called Guru's tricking new internet marketers into buying these products just to find out it's another big failure leading to you buying more products. Now don't get me wrong, because when you do spend your money on different internet marketing and affiliate products that guarantees to turn you into an overnight success, you will learn something from them. For example from buying all the products I've bought over the years I may have not made any money from most of those products, but I did learn all different types of techniques that became useful to me in my Affiliate Marketing Make Money Career.

These skill sets showed me how to go from beginner Affiliate Marketer to a more Novice Affiliate Marketer which in return helped me to make money. I learned SEO, I learned how to do proper keyword research which I will show you in a video later in this post. and we'll touch on that more. I learned how to do sales pages and build WordPress blogs, how to set up domains and get website hosting. So I guess buying all of those products wasn't a complete waist of time. But enough on that, lets get into the meat and potatoes of why your here. Which is to learn affiliate marketing make money right!

Keyword Research The Gateway To Your Online Income:

Regardless of what you have been told Keyword research is the one of the most important skills you'll need to learn. if you do not target the correct keywords for you affiliate offers you will never make a single sale online regardless of what you are selling. Then if you do find the right keywords you have to also know how to decipher keywords that send people to surf vs keywords that send people to buy. Here is a quick example from my affiliate marketing make money skill set. (ex: Keyword Surfer = "Ten Tips To Lose Weight Fast"  | Buying Keyword = "Lose 10 Pounds In 30 days") Now let me explain the difference. 

The Keyword Surfer Phrase ~ "Ten Tips To Lose Weight Fast" Clearly reads that whoever types that into a search engine is either looking for an article or some type of free information someone is giving away regarding weight loss tips. So if you send these surfers to an affiliate offer chances are they are going to click off your offer and keep searching. Now the Buying Keyword Phrase ~ "Lose 10 Pounds In 30 days" Clearly tells us that the person that types this phrase into the search engine want something reliable that will teach them how to lose weight in a particular time frame for a particular reason. So if you send them to your weight loss affiliate offer, chances are they are going to look at your sales video read the testimonials and then decide to either buy or leave. The ultimate outcome depends on how well your affiliate sales page is converting. So this is why anything you are promoting online should begin and end with your keyword research. 

Watch This video from a good friend of mine as he go into great detail about Keyword Research. You will know all about keyword research when you finish watching this video I guarantee…

So as you see if you do not know how to properly do keyword research your affiliate marketing career will not last long. The next most important skill you must learn for your affiliate marketing make money career is how to drive traffic. If you don't have anyone visiting your affiliate offers you will not make any money, Bottom Line! 

Traffic Is It Really Your Key To Success Online: 

I am going to be completely honest with you here, the lack of traffic knowledge is the number one reason why 97% of all Affiliate Marketers fail to make money online. There are only two types of traffic and these two types are Paid Traffic and Non Paid Traffic. Notice I did not say FREE Traffic, because understand this, no traffic is ever Free. Your going to either spend monetary or you are going to spend time. Either way my friend you'll have to pay for your traffic. So some of the paid methods as you've probably already heard of are PPC, PPV, Solo Ads, etc… We are not going to talk about paid methods because unless you are truly an expert in these markets you will most likely lose money fast. 

So Some Non-Paid methods Include, Social Marketing, Classified Advertising, Article Marketing, Email Marketing, Video Marketing etc.. We can talk about all of these different methods but I am only going to talk to you about what has worked for me. The one tried and true method of getting massive amounts of traffic to any website that I want to overnight has to be Article Marketing. Now before you run away from your computer screen I am going to let you in on some major golden nuggets here. I will probably get banned from every Guru Inner Circle that I am a part of for revealing these techniques but like I say I am tired of all the fluff out there on the internet so here we go. 

If you want to become a true affiliate marketer make money king, I suggest you embrace affiliate marketing. I'm pretty sure you've heard of clickbank right. Well I went on click bank and picked out a product which had a very good gravity rating, which simply means that product has a very good chance of converting visitors into buyers. So I bought this product to write a review on it, post that review to my blog, and then run it through one of my article marketing campaigns. Next I went on to write an article about my review and I ran that article through my Article Marketing Campaign. In less than 24 hrs I had 1578 unique visitors to my blog reading my review and I made 27 sales at 49.97 cent's each. So overnight I banked a whopping 1349.00 just by knowing how to rank for the correct buying keywords, with the right amount of competition and know how to do article marketing effectively. 

I don't tell you that story to brag or gloat, I tell you this story because I know that with the right mentor showing you how to accomplish article marketing anyone can do that literally overnight. Now it may take you a couple of days to actually learn the skills needed but when you learn it will be like literally printing your own money. 

Article Marketing At It's Finest:

I am going to give you a specific set of instructions for your Affiliate Marketing Make Money Career, this is exactly what I've done and it works towards my bottom line which is to make money every time I sit down at my computer to put together a niche market campaign. The first thing you'll need to do is set up a WordPress blog. The reason being is that wordpress is favored by Google and if you don't have the favor of Google you will be dead in the water before you even start. If you don't know how to achieve this I have a 3 step tutorial video put together for you that actually walks you through this step by step. It shows how to register your domain, how to get your hosting set up, and how to install WordPress. It's entitled "Set Up A WordPress Blog From Scratch."

Ok now that you have your wordpress blog set up let me show you how to maximize it. In order to be successful With Your Article Marketing Make Money Career you will need a few key tools. You will also need to register to some key article directories. I recommend, and These are three of the main article directories you will utilize because Google Ranks their content very well. Next I will talk to you about the automation tools I use to submit my articles to thousands of article directories and Social Bookmarking sites. This is how you'll bring in hundreds of backlinks and extra traffic sources that you may not have accounted for.

The First tool is Article Marketing Robot, before I had this tool I was struggling to get any significant amount of traffic to my affiliate offers, but with this tool it makes it a complete no brainer. This tool will not only submit your aticles to 1000,s of Article directories but it will also create your article directory accounts, it will confirm the confirmation email each directory send to make sure you are a human, as well as solve the captcha code. It will also allow you to spin any article into thousands of unique variations so you will not have duplicate content online, which may hinder your chances of ranking on Google and the other search engines. When you submit your article using this tool you will be amazed at how many visitors will come to your page literally overnight. As long as you have an Affiliate offer converting you are surely to make sales. 

Next You want to sign up for a live wire social bookmarking account at This also comes with a wordpress plugin that allows you to submit your blog post to hundreds of social bookmarking sites. This will also give your content hundreds of backlinks from authority sites pushing it to the top of all the major search engines sending you massive amounts of traffic.

Next sign up for a free account at this website will actually spin your article into unique content in less than 5 seconds, I was completely blown away by how accurate this website was it's truly amazing you have to try it. 

The most important step is to sign up for a clickbank account and choose some affiliate products to promote for your affiliate marketing make money career. So here is what we've just accomplished. First you found a keyword phrase that sells which was taught to you in the video above. Then you registered a domain to match your keyword. You set up a wordpress blog wrote an article and found a clickbank product to promote that is inline with your keyword phrase. You wrote an article or a review about your keyword phrase in which will help a person solve a problem. And Now It's time to run it through your Affiliate Marketing Make Money Campaign. 

So You post your article to your blog first which makes your blog the authority site. You then click your social bookmarking plugin button, which will immediately give you massive amounts of traffic and backlinks all pointing back to your blog. Next you take that same article run it through dupliterminator which will transform it into a completely unique article minus your keywords, put that baby into your Article Marketing Robot Software which will spin it and submit it to over a thousand article directories instantly giving you more backlinks pointing back to your original article, sending all that traffic from those directories directly to you. If this is done correctly your post will be on the first page of Google in less than a day also pulling in all the search engine traffic. 

My friend If you have a high converting clickbank offer you will make a boat load of money in no time flat. So this is how you master Affiliate Marketing Make Money campaigns: 



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