Welcome Back guys we have another exciting read for your mind to indulge in and take full advantage of. Today’s topic is on Residual Income. What is Residual Income, you ask well lets start from the top. If your reading this post I assume that you have some type of Entreprenurial mindset. I also assume that you, just like me have or have had a full-time income earning position, that is the driving force producing your income. Let me break this down for you all, you go into a building of some sort, you punch a clock,  or you sign into some sort of  a time program at your desk, or you do something that tracks you, from the time you walk into that building, until the time you leave. Wheeeew, I’m getting exhausted just thinking about that entire concept, but moving right along. Ok, so your in this building right, and you know that the more hours you put in the more you get paid so if you work 1 hour, you get paid for 1 hour right. Work 2 hours get paid for 2 hours right etc, etc, etc….

This is the type of income called Earnings, if you will. Now I’m no genius or anything like that, but you know, just as I know, your not going to fufill your dogs dream, let alone your own dreams, if this is the type of income your going to be depending on for the rest of your life. No my friends that’s not the way. Here, let me let you in on this little secret I have been dying to tell you about, “and shhh don’t tell anyone cause its a secret”, (in my whisper voice…) Earnings is not the type of income that will take care of your family. Earnings is not the type of income that will allow you to live your dream lifestyle, drive your dream car, and have all the luxuries and travel the world at will. No my friends you need something else, and this something else is Residual Income which leads to passive income.

Let me explain the difference, Residual Income is income you recieve over and over and over again for work that you only did one time. Passive income is income you recieve from no efforts of your own, so for instance if someone is paying you rent, than that income would be considered a passive income. Doesn’t this sound a lot better, can you imagine doing something once and getting paid for it over and over and over again. Residual Income is a wonderful thing when you know how to take advantage of it. So how do you recieve residual income you ask, well first you need to have something in place that will pay you a residual income check. Than once you have that in place you need to find a way to market it and make as much money as you possibly can building that residual check over time. See folks when you have a good residual opportunity, you don’t have to wait months or years to start recieving your residual income, no my friends you will start to recieve your residual checks the very next month you make it. And that is the power of my system, that thought alone will give me the drive to achieve unsurpassable goals for myself and my family. Watch the video at the top of this page as I give you in depth information on this subject alone. I will  also provide for you a proven system and a direct way for you to get started, so you can start receiving residual income as well. Life comes at you fast folks, so when its all said and done make sure you have your pot of gold waiting for you at the other side of the rainbow. Along with your snickers ha ha lol…


Lawrence Wheeler

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