List buildingDo you want to know the absolute secret to building a list?  If building a list was easy, why don't you have all the emails you could ever want? Even if they opt-in how in the world are you going to possibly have the time to write an effective newsletter to send out and keep your subscribers interested? If they are interested, where do you get the products to sell to enough people that will produce a good income?

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms and you feel like giving up, read this article because what you are about to discover will truly show you the secret to building a massive list. See it's not that you can't build a list, you just haven't been taught how to build a list. So let me show you now. 

Building an email list can be a very daunting task, especially if you haven't been taught the proper techniques for actually capturing someone's name on a list. If your anything like me than I know you have been doing a lot of research on the internet trying to figure out the magic formula to not only building a good responsive email list, but also on how to create a self sustaining full-time passive income system that puts money into your bank account on auto-pilot right. I mean lets be honest here, if the money is in the list then we're definitely working as hard as we are so that we can reap the rewards right. 

So let us start with the basics of building an email list. Read This Entire Article and Pick Up My Free List Building Report at the End!

List Building The Basics:

I know we have been reading a lot of information on why you should build a list, what happens when you have a list blah blah blah blah. So in this article we will just get right into it so that you can actually start building a list and see some results. How does that sound? Well then here are the components. 

Irresistible Offer: The very first thing that you'll need for you list buiding, and this is no exception, is an Irresistible offer, something that not only you'll give away for free, but something that is totally geared to your target market. Make sure your offer follows the "One Problem" "One Solution" formula. So for instance don't try to solve multiple problems all at once with your offer. Find one problem and then find a small report you can give away, something like a free pdf that actually solves the problem. Make sure its "valuable", that's very important ok. This will ensure that whoever needs to solve that problem will surley give you their name and email address in return for your free report. They will do this because your report will help them solve their problem. Do not over complicate this. The hard part is doing the research to find a big enough problem and then creating or finding a report.

Landing Page: This is another very important component to building your list. Again don't over think this part, your capture page only need  to have a simple Headline stating the problem, what happens when they solve the problem and the solution which is to download your free report. My friend let me tell you that everyone who have a desire to solve whatever problem your marketing to, will download your report. It happens every time all the time. If someone lands on your page and your page clearly defines the problem, the outcome and the solution is your report, then you will get opt-ins all day long. 

Aweber: This is the service you will need that actually manages your list for you. If you don't have an account with aweber then you are way behind the curve my friend. Bottom Line is that you will never be able to build an effective responsive list if your not utilizing an automatic email service. If you do have Aweber then log on to your account, start a new campaign, create a web form and make sure you set the form to forward your subscribers to the free report. How do you do that? The simplest way to accomplish this is by uploading the report or e-book to your WordPress blog. This will automatically give it it's own URL in which you could use for your web forms.

Traffic: This is the one thing that stops 98% of internet marketers from succeeding online and building a profitable list. You can have all the wonderful products and services in the world but if no one ever see it what good can that do you. So how do you get traffic? Ok I am getting ready to let you in on the most powerful secret in the world of internet marketing but here it is. You write an article just like the one your reading here, if you don't like writing you make a video. Either way create a piece of content that explains the problem and the solution. 

After you've done that then you syndicate your work. If it's a video upload it to youtube first, then embed it on your blog. If it's an article publish it on your blog then submit to ezine articles, but make sure you link the original back to your blog. At the end of your article or video that is published on your blog have a link to the capture page of your free report.

The final step is important in this getting traffic stage so listen carefully and if you haven't been doing this, this may be the reason your not getting enough traffic to your offers. Get a software program like Traffic Geyser which will submit your videos and articles to thousands of directories at the push of a button. Then just upload your article or your video to the software and let it submit to 1000's of video or article sites for you. This one technique my friend will cause a traffic explosion. 

Conclusion: Building a list is very simple, the only problem is that every single internet marketing guru want you to buy the latest greatest system that will do absolutely nothing for your business until you learn the basics. So If I could give you one piece of advice, it would be to stop buying stuff, only buy if it's going to contribute to your bottom line. I have a free report that you can download which expands on all of these techniques and so much more.

So if you want to learn how to build a list of 1,000 plus subscribers a month than my free List building report will show you exactly how so you can finally start breaking some new ground with your internet marketing career. 

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