My Lead System Pro List Building Secrets  

My name is Lawrence Wheeler and I have one goal. That is to marketers who is struggling in their business succeed. Their are Five main things that you need to put in place, before you will be looked at or even considered to be a serious marketer on line. Now this in in my opinion and some or marketers may have a difference in opinion but I built this list strictly off of my struggles.

#4 System – You must have some type of system in place when it comes to marketing online. Imagine this if you will. Your online doing social media marketing, like facebook, myspace, things like that. Your telling everyone to get in contact with you, but no one calls, telling folks to email you but no one does. Why isn't it working. This is why you need a system in place so that you can post a link with a description, the ones interested will be taken to your website where there is a video explaining your product or business than you also have an opt-in-box to capture the ones interested info so you can contact them. "Sprinkles" you just automated yourself my friend.

#3 Affiliate Programs- This part is absolutely crucial if you want to stay in the game long enough to see results. Having different affiliate programs that you profit from will guarantee you income from the ones that don't join your primary business or Network marketing opportunity. Everyone may not want to get involved in potions, pills, etc. but almost everyone need a website wouldn't it be great that when someone went to to get a website you made a profit from that. This is the power of setting up affiliate programs my friend, and there are millions you can join.

#2 Blog – Now this is your very own internet space, this is like owning your very own piece of real estate on the web. Your Blog is the Centralized hub to house all of your profit making products in one space. So that whoever is interested in what you have to offer, they come to your Blog pick a product and you make money. Very Crucial to your success.

#1 List – "Your List" , this is by far the most important aspect of your business, if you don't have a list than you might as well stop doing what your doing and go get a job. Understand this my friends Once you have a list built and your considered the expert to everyone on the list, the sky is the Limit..

Enjoy this video at the top of this post…I'm showing you exactly how list building can help YOUR business!

See where most Network Marketers fail, is that they try to build their list with their family and their friends. They try to go to shopping malls or go everywhere they see people with the false hope to find a leader or a bunch of distributors that have no intention of ever starting a business, and better yet ever joining yours.  If you think that you will ever be able to compete with the whales or the BIG BOY's of this industry using the those techniques, than you are sadly mistaken my friend. You will definitely have to find a better, more efficient, results proven way if you ever plan on being in this industry for the long hall.

Building a List is the best way to do that because you see once you build that list, regardless of how long it takes, if you put everything into making this list a laser targeted, self generated list where as everyone on it look to you for advice, you will literally have an asset my friend that will explode your business and make you more money in a month than you've ever made before. So this is the secret to all the great players in our industry like Mike Dillard, Jonathan Budd, Tim Erway, and Many others.  Once you have your list, its constructed and time tested, now it's time to monetize that list, and Monetize simply mean to profit from. So no matter what product you sell, whether its affiliate products, a course you've created, hot dogs or pancakes. It won't matter because your list looks at you like the expert who's showing them exactly how to achieve the results every marketer dreams of.


I hope you've gained something from this article friend, So go out there and start building your list the correct way, and you surely will see the light at the end of the tunnel.


Remember Everything in Existence began with a thought!!! See you at the top:)





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