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So just to recap where we left off, ok so you built your list using these so called Duplicate-able strategies, by the way this is also a term I thinks is used in our industry incorrectly, I think it should be called, the easy way out.–"Just a thought". Now due to the quality of this list, your brand new business distributors started to drop off one by one  until they were all gone.  So why did this happen, and better yet what can I do to prevent it from happening again.See the one thing I know is that, the Network Marketing industry is, for the most part, an industry pursued by Business minded individuals, but none of them have actually owned a business before, which why those 97% of network marketers are still failing in this industry. Now I'm pretty sure that if you've been in this industry for quite some time, you've heard the term, "Treat your Business like a Business", Right! Yes, we've all heard this term tossed around for quite some time now, so why aren't we treating it as such. There are many answers to that question, but were going to save them for another post.

When we first become a distributor for our Network Marketing company the first thing we should be told of, is how to build a quality list. This way, we can be working our family and friends for one purpose and one purpose only, and that is so that we can perfect our presenting skills. So if one of our family members does decide to join us in business, we weren't solely depending on them to join our team and make us millions you know. See new business owners coming into this industry are really misinformed because, what happens, they go to their local presentation seminar,  and they see all of these folks on stage being presented with these productivity awards, having huge success, and they think wow that can be me up there. See what they fail to miss is that the person that just received that award, yes, that person has been working their but off, having sleepless nights, putting their heart and soul into this business, so that they can finally get to that light that we all search for at the end of that tunnel. Now this is the part we usually miss, right.  So in order for you to make this process as painless as possible, my advice, first find the right mentor, and once you've found the right mentor, then learn how to build your list the correct way from the beginning.Remember this is going to be the lifeline of your business.

Alright, so now were getting into techniques, oh and by the way guys whether it's online or offline the concept is basically the same with a few adjustments alright, so take what you learn and make it your own. The first thing we want to do is…..yes…FIND YOUR TARGET MARKET!!…, "man I wish I had some bells or something to ring, because this is important lol", but yes find your target market, right. So who should our target market be, well before I tell you let me say this first. Make sure you are not pursuing anyone, can't stress this enough, why, because if you pursue them to sign up, you'll be pursuing them to stay, pursuing them to work the business and so on and so fourth. So with that being said your target market generally should be: Online- other network marketers, Offline- other network marketers, and..like minded individuals who are interested in you, not the other way around. Remember this is supposed to be an easy, painless, simple process. Attrition Free remember. So by now I know your wondering how in the world am I going to convince someone to to leave their network marketing company, well easy, your not. Nope, your not going to convince anyone to do anything, their going to convince themselves. Now, I know my partners and mentors are kicking themselves for me giving this much info , but hey were all on the same playground right. So no your not going to have to convince anyone to join your "business opportunity", they are automatically going to want to join "You", because you are the one giving them so much value and helping them succeed, they are going to want to work directly with you. It happened to me, It happened to the folks that joined me in business and If you follow this same blueprint, I'm 100% sure its going to happen to you as well.

Next step, stop pitching your business opportunity. Not only is every single person in your company pitching the same business opportunity, every network marketer in the world is pitching their business opportunity. Remember that number is Large, 65 million across 4800 plus MLM companies. I know your thinking this is getting more confusing the more I read it…. but see 9 times out of 10 you have a replicated company website right. Well, if you have a website and I have a website what makes our site different from one another, your right absolutely nothing, the only difference is that my site say's Lawrence and your site says, Mary, or Bob, or John or Mike, you get the point. See we have to separate ourselves from all the noise and start branding ourselves, delivering value so we automatically become attractive to everyone looking for a business opportunity. I did a great video on Attraction Marketing, you can view it here.

Next Step, if you are going to be successful in this industry you must have a "Funded Proposal" system in place. Now I know many of you may have heard this term before, but just to explain, a funded proposal is used normally as an educational tool that you can effectively use to become more valuable to others around you. And in addition this  will also allow you to fund your marketing efforts so you may stay in the game long enough to see success in your business. This is how the Experts and the heavy hitters play on our playground, they are walking around with all of this value others are so eager to learn, and they are so willing to teach, that they become instantly attractive to every network marketer on the planet earth, with the ability to choose which ones to work with and which ones not to work with. They instantly made a 65 million people network their marketing playground. So If you don't have a "Funded Proposal", my advice, get one, because this will definitely set you apart from all of the noise that's out there and allow you to start walking with the Elite 3% vs the 97% that just don't get it.

The Final Step is simple, Learn everything that you possibly can about attraction marketing, and Funded Proposals, and Start leading with value. You must start having the passion to teach and help as many folks as you can, and by doing so people will automatically start to flock to you like wild fires. So Imagine this with me, you walk into a seminar full of 97 %'s right, and as you open the door you hear all of this noise. I mean everyone in the room is yelling, my business is better than yours, and how with my comp plan we make 50 dollars more than your comp plan and this and that…Wow a whole bunch of commotion, and what I like to call noise. So as your standing there in the room, and your looking around, you say the simplest thing, Hey everyone sorry to interrupt but can I show you all how I got over 20 distributors in one day using a simple technique.  WOW What just happened, you instantly became part of the Elite and my friend when I tell you its a beautiful thing, its truly a beautiful thing if you get this.

Ok, so there you have it guys that is the secret behind building your list the correct way, which these experts don't want you to know by the way. It works find a mentor, find a "Funded Proposal", and not just any funded proposal one that is proven and one that is EXCELLENT!!

Until next time I am Lawrence Wheeler your success coach author and Creator of MLM-Success at home and I always leave you with this!!

Remember Everything in Existence Began With a Thought…. ok Guys Bye!




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