Hello everyone, welcome back to my page, we have talked about a lot for these last couple of weeks and as I promised to day is no different. I will continue to give you more and more valuable information everyday with no want from you what so ever.

Anyway we have a lot to cover so lets get right into it. List building, In my eyes this is the most powerful combination of words that can be put together period. The only thing that holds weight and gold in the network marketing industry is not your compensation plan, its not your opportunity, and its not your leaders, the one thing that holds the weight is Building a strong List. Do your research and ask any True Leader that have had success in this industry, and they will back me 100%. Now not saying that all of those other things aren't important, no, I'm just saying that the most important of all is your List Building. So let me explain why…

See in this industry you have over 65 million network marketers across 4800 plus network marketing industries, all competing against the same products and services for the most part. So what's the one thing we all have in common, No its not  our opportunity's, No it's not we all want to recruit, No it's not we all have Lawrence as a Great Mentor lol:)… just kidding but its, we all have one main thing in common, and that is ATTRITION…..Wow another big word. Yes my friend attrition is plaguing the network marketing industry like the West Nile disease or something. For those who haven't heard of the expression attrition let me break it down for you. When we join a network marketing company we are all, for the most part, told to do the same thing. We're told to make a list of your family and closest friends, make one of your children daycare teachers, their faculty staff, your gym employees, basically were given a memory jogger of everyone we can think of, told, write their names and numbers down on this list, and go tell them about this great opportunity right. So we do that, and by the way we are excited, so, were running around with all of this excitement in our hearts, and were signing folks up left and right, I mean business is looking good. At least for the first couple of weeks or months or so. At this point you just know, surely I am going to be a millionaire if things keep looking this good, right. But wait, something starts to happen. 

Remember the list you made when you signed up all of those people, well those folks that you signed on, they didn't have a list a big as yours, and they haven't made any money yet, so they are thinking why are you making all of this and I'm not. So what do you do….Of course, you go to your mentor and you ask them for advice, that's what he said right, "Come to me anytime you need help and I will get you back on track", right that's what he says, so his advice was tell them that their not talking to enough folks, they don't have enough energy, that their not doing enough threeway calls right. So you go and you relay the message to your team, and everyone basically start doing more of what wasn't working in the first place, and getting the same results. So what happens next, people start to drop out of you team like hot cakes, until it gets to the point no one is left,  and your mentor don't know what advice to give you anymore, and you find yourself part of the 97% of marketers that's struggling in our industry right now. So why did this happen to you is the question you should be asking yourself. The reason is because of the list that was created in the first place. See we as network marketers has to be attrition proof, but how do we do that, easy by learning the skills that it takes to master these list building techniques only the 3% of online marketers know of.

Tune in for the next lesson where I will get into all the fun stuff about building your list from scratch. Having that list attrition proof, so that you have a team of lions exploding your network marketing business. All while giving others the same list building advice, and teaching them how to do the same thing. Now that's List Building as it FINEST!!!

Until next time this is your Internet Marketer and Business Success Coach


Lawrence wheeler

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