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24 hrs/7 days Consumer/Associate Information Hotlines:
(712) 432-1085 Pin Code: 136951

Dear Future Entrepreneur, 

Thank you for your interest in our Home Associate Position. My name is Lawrence Wheeler, Recruiter for TVC/MCA-Motor Club of America and Direct Marketing Account Executive. 

Motor Club of America Enterprises, Inc. is an established and profitable Company with over 7 million members and counting. Since our inception in 1926, we have been providing our member with the finest products and services available in the motor club industry, specifically to truckers only. However as of October of 2011 with the help of TVC Marketing Associates, Inc., Motor Club of America's Protection Plan has been redesigned and custom tailored to also work with Regular Automobile Operator and their Automobile Insurance; filling in the voids to provide all members with complete motoring protection. Note: Motor Club of America is not insurance, it is protection that works in 'addition to' not in lieu of your current automobile Insurance, meaning benefits are paid out directly to you, the member.

Due to our newly launched Regular Motorist Services, we are in high demand of Customer Service/Sales Associates in the USA & Canada to help promote this new Protection Plan. The company has decided to rely on the old marketing strategy of "referrals" to spread the word and invest in our own; instead of investing in the common TV, Radio, and Commercial ways most major companies use day to day…while creating job/income opportunities in today's dropping economy. 

We are looking to recruit individuals/partnerships/corporations who posses great desire to generate unlimited income and residuals, while simply sharing information and helping customers become protected. You can see many of our success stories all over the net including YouTube. This position offers a guaranteed high payout to compensate for your successful sign ups; you will be paid weekly via direct deposit or check by mail UPS and/or regular mail. You can easily earn $80-$1,000's or more per week with little effort, just working part time or full time if you choose to. The possibilities with this business full time are endless; you control how much you earn. 

This great business opportunity can be done from home…again part time or full time, your choice. By following the directions on the bottom of this email you will be able to start working with us today. No Experience Necessary, our training and online 24/7 support group will teach you everything you need to have you working and making money in the next few hours, simple as that! You may perform this business opportunity in conjunction with your current employer as well since we also allow Partnerships and Corporations to become a Motor Club of America Associate, thus creating a bigger income for you. More details on this available upon request.

There are many benefits in becoming a Motor Club of America Home Associate such as….Ability to work from your home or anywhere for that matter. This means…No commute or sitting in rush hour traffic wasting gas especially with today's high gas prices. No hard sales, No presentations, No house parties, and No sales pitch involved…this service is so valuable and needed by EVERYONE that it sells by itself. You can simply share this service with your Family, Coworkers, Classmates, your day to day Acquaintances, and definitely your Friends. You can do it all online (Facebook, Twitter, Emails, Blogs, YouTube, Classified Ads), Flyers, or Business Cards etc…) No phone calls, face to face, or door to door sales necessary although welcomed if you wish. This "old school' method may work for many and can be very rewarding. Ultimately, all that is necessary is a computer and reliable internet connection to sign up your members and send them all the necessary information to follow. Easy to learn system! So simple! Anyone can do it!

(Results based on individual's efforts and good use of all training & support provided)


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