Do you ever wonder why you have been marketing on the internet for so long and just not getting it? Have you tried everything from blogging, branding yourself, Attraction Marketing, Social Media, Craigslist and everything else under the sun but just have not cracked the code to financial freedom? Or Maybe you have bought every single internet marketing course you can think of from every single guru you can imagine and you still feel like you are running into a brick wall? Well if this is you and you are experiencing any of these frustrations keep reading because I am about to reveal the Lies in our Internet Marketing space!

Internet Marketing Lies ~ Free Traffic Will Make You Rich

Just thinking about this statement makes my skin crawl, Free traffic will not make you rich, free traffic will do nothing more than gain you many followers looking and listening to whatever it is that you are teaching In the same token, just like you creating free traffic, that same audience is looking for free information that will give them the magic pill to success. It is a proven fact that in the nature of the majority of people who work from home or trying to get into the work at home business, don't understand the saying "You have to Pay to Play", excluding that additional 2% of the population that we will get to in a minute.

So what does that mean? Understand this my friend, free traffic will do exactly what it is designed to do bring you free traffic. Free traffic is impossible to track, it's impossible to measure for conversions it's impossible to run a successful entity from it because it's not sustainable. As a newbie you can't go create a youtube video put it online and then say to your business partners I can guarantee without a shadow of a doubt that 100,000 views will be gained by this video and 1% of our viewership, which equal 1000 people, will click on the link in the description. Out of those 1000 clicks we will convert a 30% close ratio which will create 300 sales. Just thinking about that makes me chuckle so hard inside because the guru's that are out here teaching us this stuff have mastered the art of keeping an idiot busy. ~ no offense~

So are you ready for me to reveal the secret to why you are so unsuccessful and they are super duper extremely successful. The bottom line is that they pay for you to look at their material, they pay for you to click on their ads, they pay for you to read there blogs or read their valuable information while we are sitting here with no clue of how they accomplish this goal. "Paying to Play" ~ This is so powerful! and I'll reveal the correct way later just keep reading 🙂

Internet Marketing Lies ~ Facebook ~ Posting to Groups and Status Updates

This is a good one go out and join 60 thousand groups in your niche and you will get rich. I mean this is what we all think as long as we stay consistent the money will start rolling in right, as long as I am doing exactly what the guru said he did then I will be financially free one day right. Um Um um Ummm Wrooong lol! Yes joining facebook groups and posting content will gain you exposure especially if you have some valuable content. But again this is not a proven measurable way to run your business and create a sustainable income. You can't pay your bills off the hope of someone watching your video or reading your blog post with the hope of them buying whatever your selling! This is a never ending process that will have you chasing Financial Freedom forever. "Paying to Play" ~ So powerful! and again I'll reveal the correct way to become a monster on facebook just keep reading 🙂

Internet Marketing Lies ~ Last but not least, Blogging

Create a blog, brand yourself, deliver valuable information to your audience and you will be alright! Here is another method to keep an idiot busy. Blogging is awesome, I love to blog just as your reading this post and leaving your feedback, this gains a lot of interaction and feedback from my audience. So blogging is an awesome tool to have in your arsenal but don't look for it to make you rich or finacially free because it will not unless done correctly. Yes all of the methods we mentioned above will give you a sale here and a sale there as a newbie. Yes it works for building and audience of followers that loves what your teaching but it is a couple of key peices that the guru's leave out which keeps you coming back to them buying more and more products and courses searching for the key to success. If you knew these things you would kick yourself because it's hidden jewels and very simple steps you must take everytime you create a peice of content.

Internet Marketing Lies ~ The Truth Revealed!

So here is the part we've all been waiting for. How can I "Pay to Play"? In our industry every single Guru that is making 5, 10, 20, 30 even upwards of 100K PER MONTH have learned the skill of what it means to Pay to Play. My friend get over your fear of spending money to make money, I don't mean go out and buy courses no I mean go out and buy traffic, buckle down put together an offer and go out and spend some money on traffic so you can see how powerful this stuff is. Let me break this down because the last thing I want to do is confuse you. 

There are three elements to running a successfull business online. 

Element #1A Product ~ This can be your own product that you created. It could be an affiliate product that someone else has created and you get a commission for each sale you make or anything else as long as it's digital, so when someone buys they get it immediately upon purchase.

Element #2 = A Lead Capture Page ~ In order to have a lead capture page you'll need to learn how to use an auto responder. Aweber or Getresponse is great options for that. Whenever you have a product for sale make sure you create a lead capture page to go along with your offer if your not doing this then your are waisting your time. Even if a person does not purchase the product, before they ever get to the sales page you've already captured the most valuable thing every single internet marketer must have. You've captured their name and email on a list so you can market to them over and over again. The most successful marketers online have built list upward of the 400,000 mark. So when they send a $24.00 product to a list of over 400,000 people in one niche and make 2500 sales on the low end here is how that look.

List = 400,000 Product = $24.00 Sales = 2500 Income Generated = $60,000

$60,000 in one night just by sending an email WOW! So my advice stop being lazy and learn this very important skill.

Element #3 = Traffic ~ This is the most important part of your internet marketing career. Traffic is the key to running a successful business online. This is still a skill, it is one of the easiest ones to learn in fact. Every single successful internet marketer have mastered this skill, but the only thing that they do differently than you is pay for it. So why are they successful and your not, because they all "Pay to Play". Now there are many ways to get paid traffic and it's too many to get into in this article, I've probably already bored you enough 🙂 but the point that I'm making is don't be scared just do it. Stop thinking about quitting your job and use that guaranteed money to fund your business. Until your business incomes becomes sustainable that you don't need it in order to pay your bills you shouldn't even be thinking about quitting your job. As for my work at home folks that don't have income and don't have a job go out and get one so you can have the money you'll need in order to "Pay to Play" trust me when done correctly 60 days could build and income of $10K in residual income or more.

Bringing it all Together

This is how it look when we bring it all together and I am going to use a made up product right now. Lets say you joined a company named "The Best Internet Marketing Product" the first thing you want to do is build a fan page for that company if you don't no how I have a video showing you on my fan page here. The second thing you want to do is add valuable content to the fan page before you ever try to get fans. I do this in less than 20 minutes using the power of google and pictures. Then next thing you need to do is create a capture page for the product and tie that capture page into your Aweber or Getresponse account.

So at this point you have a product, you have a facebook fan page, you have a capture page that will capture the name and email address of every single interested person that visit your page from the traffic you buy. So what's next, yup you guessed it, go out and pay for some traffic. There is secret traffic sources that you can go out and pay for, tell the company that you want 1000 targeted visitors to my capture page and they will send you that many visitors and as long as your page converts people will buy and this my friend is how you print money on demand!

So in short go out learn these skills and if you do you will be 90, 60 or even 30 days away from the biggest payday in your internet marketing career.

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