Welcome back to my site everyone, what you will learn by reading this article today is the transformation that it takes to go from being a normal person, into becoming a powerful leader known as the "Internet Marketer".

When I first started looking into this particular industry, and decided to make a career out of it, I just knew this was going to be a walk in the park. Man was I wrong, not only is it NOT a walk in the park, but in order for one to become sucessfull and get into profit mode a person would really have to develop some personality traits that will take their focus to an entirely new level. Here is a statistic for you, 97% of the people who try to start an internet marketing career give up before they ever even get started. Now there are many reasons factored into the failure rate being so high, and yes we are going to tackle a couple of them and clarify some points so lets get started.

The First Obstacle that many internet rookies cannot overcome would have to be knowing the difference between the real players and the ones that just want you to spend some money on their websites so they may make a commission. The internet is so huge that, quite frankly my friend, if you dont have a keen eye for recognizing the hundreds of thousands of scams floating around out there on the world wide web, you will be brutally beaten and hung out to dry. So it is safe to say that the first trait you absolutely must learn in order to become successful with your internet marketing career, is the ability to understand and recognize opportunity. How do you do this is a question you may ask. Well I wish there was a quick fix for this problem my friend, but the reality is this. The only way to add this one leadership trait to your arsenal of qualities, you simply have to research, research, research that's it that's all of it! See I have been studying this industry diligently for an entire three years, and yet I still haven't scratched the surface of this humongous learning curve. The thing that makes all of my research worth its weight in gold is that once you apply what you've learned you can create yourself a pretty good income to say the least.

One of The Next Obstacles that I think will definitely stand in your way if your not extremely careful would have to be the distractions. You see working online, is like working for a company where you have access to any and everything that you can imagine possible. Every single webpage that you could possibly browse to has all of the little flashy advertisements, and promotions enticing your curiosity trait to click here like such and have you take a look. So before you even know it you have spent an entire eight hours of your workday web searhing, you look up at the time and realize you've just waisted an entire day browsing. So how can we deal with all of these distractions we'll encounter. Well there are many ways to shield ourselves from the many distractions out their, but the one way I have found that works best for me, is to simply plan out your day according to what you want to get accomplished. Now here's the kicker, you have to discipline yourself and stick to your plan of action, because if you don't your guaranteed to get distracted and your guaranteed to waste time.

The Last Obstacle that I will cover in this article amongst the many thats actually out there is the, "where do I start factor". Well to help all of my new internet marketers out, it really is a simple answer to this question, but first let me give you my thoughts about this industry. See if I had to compare the internet marketing industry to another industry it would have to be the medical field. The reason I say this is because there are so many ways to get started it can really get confusing at times. See in the medical field you have your doctors, nurses, assisistants, x-ray techs, etc..etc..etc. The same goes for the internet, you have affiliate programs, systems, informational products, auctions, web stores, etc…etc…etc. To simplify this entire process, the best way I believe to start would be Marketing. See you can start any type of business model, buy the greatest affiliate programs to sell, develop the best ebooks and so on. The fact remains that if you don't know how to put your product in front of people that will buy, all you've essentially done was purchase another problem. So you see my friend, this is why you must learn to market first when starting an Internet Marketing career.

The last point I want to make is this, if you do your research and study some of the great leaders online, you will develop leadership skills and qualities that can actually have you creating income from thin air. This industry is not for the tire kickers, you will never have a boss looking over your shoulder making sure that you get the job done. You will have to take some innitiative and learn what it takes to control of your own life. This industry will be one of the most lucrative educational industries that you will ever learn about in life, but at the same time, if you dont have the discipline and a burning desire to learn your craft, you will fail and you will fail hard. So if Internet Marketing is the career path of your choice, get dedicated and stay focused my friend. Until next time continue to grow.

Remember Everything in Existence Began With a Thought!

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