There are hundreds of people out there on the internet claiming to be the Go-To guy when it comes to making money on the internet. There's so much information, so many articles, so many videos that you could come across which will attempt to teach you how to become a successful internet marketer. The problem with all of this information is that there is actually no way to prove that any of this stuff really works except for trial and error. So I am going to try and shed some light on the situation and give you 10 ROCK SOLID Internet Marketing Tips every person must have in order to get off to a good start with their Internet Marketing Career.  Read this entire article and be sure to pick up your bonus at the end.

Internet Marketing Tips- #1 You Must Own Your Very Own Self Hosted Blog!!!

Let me say this and I don't want to disappoint anyone but it must be said. "All Successful Internet Millionaires did not create their success overnight, It took long hours hard work, dedication and being consistent". Whew, now that that's out the way, the first thing a successful internet marketer had to learn is how to turn whatever skills and knowledge that they possess into positive cash-flow which comes in on a daily basis consistently. Now honestly, you will not make a dime until you let someone know what you are doing and you find a big enough problem in which you have the skill-set or the know how to solve it. Sure you can try the word-of-mouth thing, or even the creating a flyer and walking around malls and all that good stuff. 

You and I both know that those types of activities are not only daunting tasks but they are completely no fun at all. So the best way Successful internet marketers get their knowledge and skills out to the marketplace is by owning their very own Blog. A Blog is not only Search engine friendly but a Blog is one of the best ways to position yourself as an expert in any field of expertise on the internet. It's your very own website which is like having your very own piece of real estate on the internet.

Owning a blog will not only get your information looked at but it will allow you to help thousands and thousands of people solve their problems all at the same time. When you have your very own piece of real estate on the internet this allows you to truly take advantage of the power of leverage. For instance if you are a master at training show horses and you simply write training articles on that particular topic, anyone who was interested in learning how to train these horses would be tuned in to your blog post daily, weekly even monthly.  The best thing about owning a blog is that if you stay consistent with valuable information that actually helps your visitors, you will be the go to guy in that particular niche and you will truly start to see an enormous following of people looking to you for help. 

If you do not own a Self Hosted Blog I strongly suggest you get one ASAP!!

Internet Marketing Tips- #2 You Must Create an Irresistible Offer

What is an Irresistible Offer? It's an offer that is central to a product, so that when you read it you have no other choice but to buy the product in which it's connected to. The Irresistible Offer is straight to the point, no fluff. It creates an itch that the buyer has to scratch. The Irresistible offer makes doing business with you so easy and obviously beneficial that you would feel like a fool not to take advantage of it. If your offer is constructed the correct way people won't be able to move fast enough to give you their money. 

If you have built your business foundation and you have not created your irresistible offer you are truly missing out on the potential of exploding your business and taking it to levels you can only dream of. Let me give you an example of this. I read a book and it spoke of Domino's pizza and their irresistible offer. What was Domino's selling point? "We deliver your pizza in 30 minutes or less or you get it free"! They didn't say half off nor did they say you get a free side, they stated your total order would be FREE if they didn't deliver in under 30 mins. There was no other pizza company willing to take that chance and because of this type of bold offer they truly made ordering domino's pizza irresistible with the hopes that one could get it free regardless of the quantity. 

Domino's Irresistible offer was so huge that pizza is the only food brand name in the yellow pages with it's own section. In 2004, there were 7,000 Domino’s pizzerias created, and they grossed $4,000,000,000 in sales annually. That's 4 Billion Dollars in Sales Annually. 

My point is to say this, if you have not learned or have not educated yourself on the power of the irresistible offer I strongly recommend you familiarize yourself with this subject matter because not having one could be the true reason why your business has not exploded in a way that is unbelievable. 

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Internet Marketing Tips- #3 Get an Auto-Responder

I hope that you are enjoying this reading so far, because I am giving you the meat and potatoes of running a successful internet marketing business. This is the Blue-Print that could potentially turn you into a Internet Millionaire if you dedicate yourself and implement these techniques into your Internet Marketing Career.

Now that we have a Blog and created our Irresistible offer, next you will need  a way to capture the traffic of the interested people visiting your website looking for more information. The best way to do that is with an Email Auto-Responder Service.

What is an Auto-Responder?  An auto-responder is an email service that helps you build relationships with the people who's interested in learning more from you without actually saying a word to them physically. Let's break this down to it's simplest form. An Auto-Responder sends out emails to people that opt-in to your email list automatically. The messages are pre-written and loaded into the database. Then you set a schedule for the time and date or the frequency of which you want these messages to be delivered to your subscribers email boxes. 

So for instance lets say you create an Irresistible offer and the headline of the offer is one that entices the reader to want to take a look at the actual product. Well before they receive the Irresistible offer they would give you their name and email address and in return your auto-responder would then deliver the irresistible offer to their mailbox. This person is now on your email list and you could continue to build a relationship by consistently delivering valuable information to them on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. You will find that as you grow your list, you are also potentially growing a really good targeted customer base in which you could offer products and services to. 

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