In Part-1 of Top 10 Internet Marketing Tips (Click Here For Part 1) we covered creating your Blog, which will be used for positioning yourself as an authority figure in whichever Niche you choose. We also talked about creating your Irresistible offer, which will be used to capture hundreds of email addresses from the visitors that visit your Blog. Finally in our previous article of Internet Marketing Tips we talked about your Email Auto-Responder which is used to build relationships with visitors that opt-in to your products, services, and offers. Now we'll cover Internet Marketing Tips numbers 4 through 8, so sit back relax and enjoy the information. 


Internet Marketing Tips – #4 Graphics Designer Software!

This is one of the most important tips when it comes to your Internet Marketing career. After you have built your list of interested people looking to you for help resolving their problems, you will begin to understand that in order for your business to reach the next level you will have to create and sell your own digital products.

What are Digital Products? A digital product may could be video lessons, perhaps an e-book,  a series of audio lessons,  or even a home study course. When creating these digital products the Graphic Designer Software will make it seem to your customers that they are purchasing a real tangible product. If you take a look at the top of this article you will see a graphical picture of my latest e-book I'm working on entitled, "How to Create Information Products That Produce Daily Cash".

Using some type of Graphic Designer Software or an actual Graphic Designer will make packaging your product look very professional. What you must realize is that when you create your digital product, the design of the product will be the only visual that your customers will have which represents what they will be purchasing from you. Having a physical looking product will actually ease the minds of your potential customers because it actually gives them a very good visual of the product and a visual of everything that will be included. If you are new to the internet marketing arena than this one Internet Marketing tip will be critical to your success. So I suggest you take advantage of these Internet Marketing tips and incorporate them into your business model. 

Internet Marketing Tips – #5 Product Launch Software

When you think of creating lead capture pages, sales video pages, sales pages, membership sites, etc. this thought alone could be enough to make the novice internet marketing professional throw their hands up and quit. When I first started my Internet Marketing Career, I thought it was going to be technically impossible for me to create all of these types of platforms without becoming an html or computer genius. Until I discovered what other successful internet marketers were doing. They were actually using Product Launch Software to launch their products, and 9 times out of 10  they were all using the same type of Product Launch Software. 

What is Product Launch Software? Well this is the software that comes pre-loaded with Lead Capture pages, and video sale pages, sale page templates membership site templates and so much more. The point in having this software is because it's like having everything done for you when you are trying to do a successful Product Launch Campaign. When using this software all you have to do is pick your templates and then insert everything else, like your sales video your product info, your sales script for the actual product and then all of your links in order for the customers to make purchases. If you've gained any value from these Internet Marketing Tips, then make sure you are implementing them into your internet marketing career and you will be off to a great start. But moving right along…

Internet Marketing Tips – #6 Digital Products

You may have the greatest list imaginable, you may be the best internet marketer alive, you may be the hardest working website designer of all time, but if you don't have your very own marketable digital products you will never take your career to the next level. 

What is a Digital Product? A digital product can be an Audio or Video of Live recorded speeches, seminars, or consulting sessions. It could be How-to instructions you record on your computer or through a seminar. They could be Interviews of experts. A digital product could be an e-book delivered in a downloadable format, a membership site where clients pay a fee to access information. It could also be a home study course or lesson.  A digital product is simply the form of taking the information or skills you have and turning it into some type of training format your customers can purchase or download. 

Now that you know what a digital product consist of, keep in mind that the faster you create your product, the faster you will receive your first payday. When you first start out producing your own digital products more than likely you'll sell them online. As your internet marketing career starts to grow and you start to get testimonials from customers, people will start to look to you as an authority figure. You will then realize that you can start to take your online business offline and use the skills and knowledge that you have gained and start to create Seminars, and Boot-camps. Wow when you reach the level of Information Marketing you will really start to see your internet marketing career excell. 

Internet Marketing Tips – #7 Digital Storage and Delivery Service

Before we dive into Internet Marketing Tips #7 lets recap what we have already covered. I hope this article have really put into perspective the type of foundation you will have to put in place so that you can reduce the learning curve of your internet marketing career. 

So far we talked about Hosting your very own Blog, we also covered creating your irresistible offer which will draw visitors into your site. We talked about your auto-responder and how to use one. We covered hiring a graphic designer or buying some type of graphic design software to help you package your products and services. We talked about the actual products your going to produce and we discussed purchasing your product launch software. If you implement all of these internet marketing tips into your foundation it will definitely make your life as an internet marketer a whole lot easier when it comes to creating and selling your products or services. So now the next tip on the list would be Digital Storage and Delivery Service.

What is a Digital Storage and Delivery Service? Well when it comes to putting downloadable information on the world wide web, it is no secret that we still have dishonest and unethical people. So the point of having a digital storage and delivery service is to ensure the safety of your digital products and services. These types of company's allows you to upload and store many types of digital files like e-books, audios, videos, templates, graphics etc. Usually when you store your materials into these company's they provide you with some type of encrypted link you can paste on your website.  When you use these links for your products people won't be able to download your materials unless they have met your terms and conditions. 

Having a Digital Storage and Delivery Service implemented into your internet marketing career will give you a true peace of mind and allow you to focus on the more important tasks like creating more products and services that will help others resolve their problems. 

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