In our previous article (click here for part-2) we left off talking about the digital storage and delivery service which will help protect your information from piracy or unwanted downloads. This is a great service to have when it comes to protecting your hard work, but what about your customers. What can you do to ensure they feel the same sense of security when they go to purchase your products and services? Well let us dive into this article so we can discuss a way to ensure the transaction of a digital product is safe and secure on both sides of the transaction.  


Internet Marketing Tips – #8 Paypal Account Securing Your Digital Purchases

If you have been surfing the internet for quite some time, or if you have ever purchased anything online than you are no stranger to Paypal. 

What is Paypal? Paypal encrypts your personal financial information so that no one else can see it but you. Your purchases are also protected if someone uses your account without your permission and Paypal will help to make things right. Paypal will also handle all of the moneys paid to you for your digital products. When you start collecting payments for the products and services you will be making as an internet marketer, you are going to need a service to handle all of those transactions and no one does it better than Paypal. 

As an internet marketer you will soon see that it will be very common to have 100, 200, 300 transactions a week earning in access of 10,000 dollars or more. So in order for you to assure your money is safe and secure, I suggest using Paypal because they are always there when you need them most. 

Internet Marketing Tips – #9 Social Media Networks 

As an internet marketer traffic will be the epiphany of whether your internet marketing career fail or succeed, but nothing will give you better social proof than establishing a social media following. Here's a little S.E.O (Search Engine Optimization) Secret. Social Media networks like Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn, Google+, etc, these social media networks all have the favor of the search engines. So if you have your articles, products, and anything else you want to share with the world integrated into these networks, it will definitely give you a slight advantage when it comes to trying to rank for positions on the search engines. So for instance when someone type in Horse Trainer into Google Search bar, having Social Media Networks established will help your articles to be seen first. 

What is a Social Media Network? It is a network or rather a community that people join in which they can share their lifestyle their hobbies their likes and dislikes, basically anything you want you may share with the millions and millions of people who also have joined these social media communities. Social Media are open to feedback, they allow comments and sharing of information, there are rarely any type of password protected content. Social Media networks frown upon that type of information. 

Social Media also allows for communities to form quickly and communicate effectively. Communities share a common interest so if you were to form a group based around "showroom horse training", and if you were an expert in that particular niche you can truly grow a big following or audience and possibly turn them into clients or customers. Having Social Media Accounts will be very beneficial to your internet marketing career so if you haven't joined any social media networks than I strongly suggest you start with Facebook and become a fan. 

Internet Marketing Tips – #10 Bonus Xheader 

We have finally reached Internet Marketing Tips #10. I hope that you have enjoyed all of the previous tips and will make use of each and every one of them. For this last and Final tip I have decided to give you a bonus.

I have decided to put together a specialized training video that will show you how to incorporate all of this together. This training video will show you in a step by step formula of how to build an Internet Marketing Millionaire Blueprint.

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