Welcome back guys, in this article I am going to actually show you how you can transform yourself from a normal everyday individual, into a well rounded leader everyone wants to be a part of. The concept is simple, the hard part is taking action and learning the skills necessary. See the problem is we have all been conditioned a certain way. It’s sort of like, trying to take a Lion out of the wild put him in the middle of Time Square New York City and expect him not to hunt.So Lets jump right in, my friend this will be a lesson to be reckoned with.

Leaders in our industry are few and far in between, not to mention the fact that we have so many different factors working against us. So lets talk about these factors. See we have all been conditioned to go to work, go to school and get a degree, I’m not going to beat you down we have all heard the old way of doing things speech before. The next factor we have working against us is of course our family, our friends, and definitely our peers. You know the ones where as, if you tell them you just quit your job to start your own business, they act as if the entire world have came to a complete stop. They have a fear in their eyes as to say, “Have you completely lost your mind what have you done”. They tell you how crazy you are and how you are going to fail, what the economy is doing etc, etc, etc…

So not only are you trying to change your mindset, your way of thinking if you will, your trying to do it in an environment where everyone thinks on an average level. So this is why your transformation into becoming a leader is so difficult. So how do we become something we have never been taught traditionally. I’m going to recommend a book here, it’s called “Rich Dad Poor Dad” it’s written by Robert Kiyosaki. The reason I am recommending you read this book for the simple fact you will definitely need a certain mindset on your journey to becoming a leader, and this book have mastered the art of creating that mindset within normal everyday individuals like yourself. So it all starts in your mind my friend.

Becoming A Leader Is It Really Challenging:

Once you have the right mindset, it will be so much more easier to take action because your brain will feel like its on Success Steroids after reading that book. When I was first starting out in my business ventures and trying to figure out the secret to success, I had this characteristic trait inside of me that said no matter what failures I encounter, I am going to succeed. Just to let you in on a little secret, every single successful person in the entire world have all failed, they’ve failes so hard in fact that they wanted to give up and quit. So let me explain a little more so you can understand better. Without going through all of the failures, all of the ups and downs, you know your highs your lows, if you have never experienced nothing other than success than the question might be how good of a leader would you really be.

The Great thing about becoming a leader is that your entire state of being will be pushed to the max, challenged beyond your wildest dreams. It’s going to challenge your character, its going to challenge your heart, your dreams, your ethics, your mind, not to mention your FAMILY. Wow, now that is a big one. My Friend becoming a leader is not easy, you will be forced to make sacrifices you have never had to make in your life. Their will be struggles and challenges even doubt in your household, your marriage, your career, even in yourself, but this is all in the process of Transforming Into a Leader. It is so hard but the one piece of advice I can give you is to never give up, Only the Strong will Survive. So how is it done, lets get into that.

Becoming A Leader, How is it Done:

This world is so full of scam artist, and Guru’s that aren’t really guru’s especially online. They just sell information that they’re not even sure really works, but if they can get someone to purchase it great they make some money and they are happy. So you definitely have to be careful with the purchases that you make online or offline. One rule of thumb I always use, if it’s not contributing to my bottom line I don’t need it. So the first skill you must develop during the transformation, is your ability to recognize who is and who ain’t, point blank period. The easiest way to develop this skill is to look at a persons track record, and I don’t mean as to so much of what they have accomplished, but take a look at what they have helped others to accomplish. The reason for this is because they can make all the money in the world but if they can’t teach others to do the same are they really making a difference.

When you find that leader that you truly believe in, the rest is simple, all you have to do is study then practice, study then practice and once you have mastered all they have to teach, than you go out and you help others to become successful and do the same. So we all know the rule of thumb right, Practice makes what, no not perfect, Practice Makes Better. See we must do two really important things on our transformation journey to becoming a leader . We have to surround ourselves with like minded people, if anyone in your immediate circle is holding you  back, dragging you down. Than you must let them go, no matter how bad we may feel but we can not help those who don’t want to be helped. The second thing we must do is listen, read, and learn almost 24hrs a day 7 days a week for an entire year. I know it sounds like a bit much, but I promise to you my friend when you listen to successful leaders and learn all they have to teach for that long, it does something to your character my friend. Your language patterns change, your thought process become very keen and wise. Your Posture portray confidence in everything you do. You will be able to create anything from nothing and everyone around you will recognize the power, the confidence that your entire state of being convey when your presence enlightens a room.

You will certainly have all the success you will need, you will have all the powerful friends anyone can ask for, but most importantly my friend You will have the Abundance the Time and the Freedom to reward your family with the one true gift that they deserve, and that gift is HAPPINESS! So here is my challenge to you, Go to the closest mirror you can find, look yourself straight in the eyes and tell yourself….

“I will do all That is In My Power To Become Successful”


“I will Not Waste Time on The Things In Life I Cannot Change”

“I Will Not Give Up No Matter How Hard Things Seem, Because I know Light Is At The End Of The Tunnel”

“I Will Not Make Excuses”

“I will Study Leaders with all That I Have Put Their Practices to Use and Teach Others To Do The Same”

“I am Successful, My Wife Is Proud Of Me and I have Truly Created The Lifestyle and the Freedom I need for Us to be Happy”

“I Am Proud Of ME!!!!

Congratulations Friend, you will become successful, let nothing stand in your way and let nothing distract you. Find your leader, your coach the one person that can lead you to greatness and take your stand in the world of success.

Again my name is Lawrence Wheeler your internet Marketer and Success Coach and Remember….

“Everything In Existence Began With A Thought”

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