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Many eBook Authors Assume they'll need a "Publisher" to make any money or to be seeing. Nothing could be more further from the truth. In fact, having a "Publisher" could actually hurt your sales and leave you making a lot LESS money than you would otherwise with a little bit of knowledge.

One of the biggest myths in the ebook marketing arena is that you need to have a publisher in order for your ebook to make any money. I am going to be the first one to tell you that you do not need a publisher in order for your ebook to be a number one seller. 

There are two positions involved when it comes to "publishing" and "selling" ebooks and we will break down both of them. You have a publisher and you have an Author lets take a close look at both of these titles so that you can determine for yourself if you need a publisher. 

What is a Publisher:

A publisher actually has only two main duties, and suprisingly none of these duties have anything to do with the actual sales of your ebooks. What a publisher actually does is extactly that, one they publish your eBook. What does that mean, well "published" means that your eBook is available for sale to anyone who has an interest in buying it. It also means that anyone who purchases your eBook will automatically be able to gain access to it with no interaction from you. It also means that you get paid automatically when you make a sale. That is what published means

Simple right, well the second responsiblity that a publisher has when it comes to publishing your ebook is listing your ebook for sale in some of the hottest book stores and book websites. The one thing that publisher's will not do is actually promote your book. They list them but that is all and to list your books it's usually free in 90% of the places that except books for sale from new authors. Now this is all that a publisher does when it comes to publishing your books or ebooks into the marketplace besides making printed copies of your actual book. 
Write Publish & Sell Your Very Own eBook Today


Do I need a Publisher:

As an eBook Author I wouldn't really suggest that you get a publishing company unless you are actually going to sell physical printed copies of your eBook. With a little bit of education you can have your eBook published and sold in as little as a day or two. Let me tell you a story on how I published my first eBook , it was one of the easiest things I could have ever done but only after I had learned all the steps that was involved. 

So I decided to one day sit down and put all of my skills on writing publishing and selling an ebook inside of my own eBook, so that I could help others learn how to actually write and publish their own ebooks. So the first thing I needed was a program that would allow me to convert  word documents into  pdf files.  I went to Open Office.org and downloaded their office software. Talk about an exact replica of Microsoft word the only difference is that it gave me the option to save any of my documents as a PDF file. Boom bingo… and it was free. I started writing and pouring all of my skills out into this document until I had a finished book. 

So now that the book was finished I created my table of contents page. The Open Office software allowed me to make my table of contents clickable. Wow I love this software, ok what was missing oh I need a cover page. So where am I going to find cheap designer to make an ecover for my eBook. I went to google and found a website called myecovermaker.com, WOW again it makes really professional ecovers for FREE using an online software, you have to check this out. Ok, so now that I have the book finished, a clickable table of contents, a title page and my books e-cover what's next. What else did I need before I could start to sell my eBook.

Well this story could get lengthy so here is a list of the things I figured out: 

1. Found a digital storage and delivery company – They house my ebook and when I make a sale they pay me automatically and don't take a percentage another WOW.

2. Created a website to sell my ebook on – WordPress.org and I used a free theme called Flexibility to go with that. 

3. Started listing my ebook for sale in the market place – Places like Amazon's Kindle, Barnes and Noble's Nook, and other places found at Smashwords.com

And that is what I've done and now my book make me sales every single day.

So here's the bottom line Publisher's list books and Author's sell books. The term "Best Selling Author" simply means the Author that sells the most copies of a book. My suggestion is simple get a good step by step guide that will teach you all of these steps, save your self time and frustration, and you will be pumping out and selling more eBooks that your little heart desire. 

If you want to take a sneak peak at the book I was referring to in the story it's entitled "How to Write Publish & Sell Your Very Own Ebook ~ Even If You've Never Written Published or Sold Anything in Your Life" Check it Out
How To Write Publish & Sell Your Very Own Ebook
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